Thursday, July 11, 2013

June 25

So, I hope everyone enjoyed the videos I sent out last week. They were fun, and a lot easier to get my real emotion (Even if it is usually just sarcasm) into my letters. I have a few funnie pictures to send you, but it will have to wait till later, because I left my camera at home and we are at the Apple store this week. Lots of exciting things happened this week though! 

1. We went to a dance at the church on Saturday that was a fund-raiser for the Young womens camp they were going to have. We had a few investigators there, and we decided to get our face painted. Elder Echeverria got his face painted by the young womens president, who did a rocking job! He was a tiger. It was awesome. I on the other hand, let the Bishops 7 year old daughter paint my face. Hahaha... Woah, that was a ridiculous paint job. everyone decided that I was a mix between a Raccoon, a Clown, a Princess, the Joker and a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Go figure. Oh, also, it wasn't face paint. It was paint paint. I had to scrub my face 4 times with an apricot scrub in order to get it all off, and it still isn't completly gone. At least I didn't have to go to church with my face DARK RED.

2. We locked our keys in our car this week too. That just sucked though. We had a whole bunch of stuff we wanted to do, and it didn't end up getting done. We had to wait like 2 hours for the tow truck to come and pry the door open and open the lock. Ridiculous. 

3. We went to help Celine with her pool! 4 times. Celine is an older haitian lady, she wasn't interesed in talking to us, but did need help opeing her pool for the summer. We, being the in-experianced missionaries that we were, decided to go help her out! We will never doo that again. It was stupid. We had to go back 4 times!! Also, she wore her ill-fitting, buttoned only to her belly button nightie around all day, and didn't wear a bra. I will forever be scarred by what I saw at that house. *Shudder*

4. This sunday we will be doing a "Missionary Sunday" Where all 4 of us missionaries will be speaking at church, and we will be doing a musical number as well. It should be fun, but it is a lot of work on top of what we have already got going on. 

5. Hey, in the missionary broadcast thing that showed on Sunday, the Stake President of the Florida stake that was featured for a short bit is President Patrick. My new mission president!! So cool, right? 

6. We gave a blessing to a less active named Cecile Bouchard. She had been sitting at the kitchen table, with one leg crossed over the other and then she went to stand up. Her leg had fallen asleep and she actually ended up twisting her ankle and falling. She hit her ribs on the counter corner and broke a rib. Badly. It was pointy and every time she breathed it poked her in the lungs so she was having lots of problems. Every time she breathed it was sharp and raspy. Elder Echeverria anointed her with oil, and as soon as his hands were upon her head, her breathing calmed down and became silent. After that I gave her the blessing and we left and she left to go to the hospital. At the hospital she got an X-Ray and the doctors said that her rib had moved into place and that everything was starting to heal up nicely. She was so grateful and luckily she reacognized the hand of the Lord. She said that over the next 2 months as she heals, she wants us to re-teach her the missionary lessons so that she can come back tochurch when she is all healed up. It is an incredible story! Thank goodness we have the power of the priesthood restored to us again in our lives!

Sorry this email came a day late, yesterday was St. Jean-Baptist day. We didn't work after5 PM. So our P-Day got switched to Tuesday so that we wouldnt have all Monday off. I love you all so much!

Elder Oviatt

P.S. Kaden, my guess is that you are coming here to Quebec, and that I am going to train you!! Or if not, Italy. Cuz that would just be flipping awesome!!

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