Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July 29

So... Hey there!! I honestly don't have anything to tell you this week, I'm just so stinking excited that Kaden got his call!!!!


Understand?  I'm kind of hoping that Kaden contracts some strange disease that is only treatable here in Canada so that he has to stay here in Quebec. But of couse this disease will miraculously be cured after 2 years... =) And it wont give him any problems if he stays here in Quebec. But I don't even know if the US military has come up with a disease as stragne as that yet. Lets see what you got Obama!!!

Oh, I don't know if I told you last week, but the new apartment that I live in is a split level house. we live in the top level. In the middle level lives a family that is Jehovas witness. THe family that lives in the basement is.... Jehovas witness... Nice choice in Lodging President. =) No, its good, the yare friendly. 

The new ward is huge, and I am so lost. This last week was a gong show because we have NO idea what is going on. We call the other team all the time, and they call us, because neither of us know what is going on with the areas. Its a good time all around. 

We have been getting lots of rain lately. which is great, because it's always late in the night, so it keeps the temperatuer down, but we don't have to go out tracting in the rain. Not fun. But I love you all and will Talk to you later!!

Elder Oviatt!!

P.S. there is a guy in my new ward who served his mission in Edmonton who was actually in connors hill ward. Elder Guerrin? He rememberd you so... 

July 22

Hey Hey Hey!!

Crazy week for me! So lets start off with... Monday. Monday was Elder Echeverrias birthday. He got a package that had 2 nerf guns in it. It was awesome. Untill I got hurt and had to go to the hospital. Yeah... For real. We had a few minutes during supper time and we were having a quick-draw competition and I tried to dodge one of his bullets by quickly throwing my head down and to the left. Well, my plan would have been great except I forgot that I was standing right beside a chair. So I smashed my eyebrow into the back of hte chair. That didn't feel so hot. It split open and we thought I was going to need stitches. Luckily no. I just got some steri-strips and we got out. Which was AWESOME, because it took us like 40 minutes instead of the 12-13 hour wait that they were expecting... Ridiculous.

Next, Transfer calls! Those were... Weird... So I'm no longer in Longueuil... I'm in Lemoyne. Which is the other french ward in my district. And I'm taking elder Echeverria with me... And the two elders who were in LeMoyne, well, they are now in Longueuil. Again... What?! Every single person who has heard about what happend is just super confused. I am still Distrcit leader, and the elders who were in Lemoyne are still the Zone Leaders. Everything switched except for our titles and our cars. We have to move all of our stuff... 3 minutes away from where we live right now... It's weird. And in our district of 12 missionaries only 1 is leaving. Everyhting stayed exactly how it was before, except for Sister Murdoch leaving and the Longueuil/LeMoyne switch. Honestly, this is just going to be a huge hastle. Flushing into an area is the worst.

But, on that note, I'm going to get super fat today and tomorrow, because we have 2 or 3 suppers a day. I do enjoy the transfer for that reason. =)

I have a few pictures to attach, but as far as news goes, thats about it for me this week! I love ya, have a great week!!

Elder Oviatt!!

 Bienvenue is the French word for Welcome. Very nice, right? Well, Bien Nue is French for Completely Naked. No longer very nice. Everyone has these mats. They problem is when people are ACTUALLY Bien Nue when they come to the door. Flip...

July 15


SO, we have had a crazy week. We spent the last 7 days with a member! On a mini Mission. It was a looooong week. He only speaks French, so we tried to speak only french at the beginning. We lasted about 3 days. Then we started speaking english, then he started telling us to speak french. Then we tried again. And we just got so we spoke mostly french, or so that we would speak in English first, then repeat it in French for him. I just love English... 

Missionary work has been a little rough this last week though. Everyone is on holidays. EVERYONE!! We had an investigator who was commited with a baptismal date, who left for Togo. She isn't coming back untill the end of August. Frick!! Haha, it's fun though. We get to do a lot of knocking. And the people who are home have a bit more time. They don't want to spend it with US, but still.... 

We have transfer calls this week! Elder Echeverria and I may not be together anymore, which is sad! I feel like I have missed out on a great opportunity to learn Spanish. Well, I can't say that yet, because I'm still here and so is he, But incase we do get moved, here is a little bit of pre-complaining for you all to read. I have been here in Longueuil for 5 months. Man, this is so weird!! I can't believe it... Things are just flying by! It makes me miss Alma so much. But at the same time, I love it so much here, not in Alma. 

I hate the Heat, by the way. I could never be a business man in a place with more than 20% humidity and where the temperature rises above 25 celcuis. Oh, right, I may go into business after my mission. But lets not think about that one right now. Anyways, it is so hot here, and I just want to go swimming so bad. Or at least to run around with just my swimming suit on. Everywhere. I would fit right in with the Quebecois people. If you see a guy with a shirt on, you almost do a double take because there aren't a whole lot of them who dress themselves in the morning. I honestly can't wait untill winter. Cold is so much easier to handle than hot when you are wearing dress clothing. But, I have to go, big day today, I love you all!!

Elder Oviatt

Thursday, July 11, 2013

July 8

Little Hi, little Low! Little Hey, Little Ho!!! (Name that movie!)

This week was great! We got to meet President Patrick! He is a super cool guy. He is here with 5 of his kids too. That was a little strange. But he is putting a lot of emphasis on member work. And your missionaries should be doing it too. Work hard members!

In Quebec, because they don't celebrate Canada Day, they celebrate Le Jour-Saint-Jean-Baptiste. the 24th of June. Apparently it is Quebecs "NATIONAL HOLIDAY" OK Guys... 

This week itself was a little slow. Not a whole lot moving on the missionary side of life. Everyone is headed out for holidays. We have a lot to do always. Maybe not necessairily lots of lessons all the time, but there are always places to knock. And so even if there were a thousand missionaries here in Longueuil, we could still be super busy always. 

This week we have a member coming with us for a mini mission. He will be with us fromMonday afternoon to Friday. Its going to be a long week for a few reasons. He is awesome, first off, but he only speaks French. Only. Also, He is from France and has lived here for a year on a visiting visa, so he can't work. And then al he can do now is play video games. So all he has to talk about is video games. In French. Cool.... 

We actually have to go pick him up right now, I didn't realise how late it had gotten...!! I love you all!! Later my friends!À

Elder Oviatt (Ps. the movie is Stuart Little)

July 2

Hello all!

P-Day again was switched this week to accomodate for Canada Day. Which basically doesn't exist here in Quebec. Nothing happened. THere were no celebrations, there was no decorations, there was nothing. Except all the stores were closed. Great...

Tomorrow is Zone study day. We are going to all meet up at a chapel on the Island of Montreal where the New Mission President will be gracing us with his presence. Today was great, we had a "Zone activity" where we played Marshmellow Capture the flag and then some frisby. I feel so tired, it's great. I can't wait to get home and play sports all day long. Or not. We shall see. We have been pushing forwards with the cultural night planning still. Not a whole lot of progress, but thats fine, we aren't at that stage yet... Mom, do you remember that cultural night we had a LONG time ago? That is kind of the exact same idea that we are going for. 

Anyways, I am actually over my email time. We end up losing lots of email time when we do big zone activities, because there are still so many OTHER things that we have to do, and seeing as grocery shopping is something that really truly affects our week, and emails does, but in a much less noticable way, emails are usually the things that get cut short. I love you all!!

Elder Austen Oviatt!

1. 100 Trillion Dollars... Doing well for myself, hey?  

2. So, when we go up 3 or 4 stories to knock, its boring to walk back down to the main floor, so we decided that if Jason Borne could jump down 4 stories and live, so could we!

3. Just because Jason Borne can do something, 
doesn't mean that you can...

June 25

So, I hope everyone enjoyed the videos I sent out last week. They were fun, and a lot easier to get my real emotion (Even if it is usually just sarcasm) into my letters. I have a few funnie pictures to send you, but it will have to wait till later, because I left my camera at home and we are at the Apple store this week. Lots of exciting things happened this week though! 

1. We went to a dance at the church on Saturday that was a fund-raiser for the Young womens camp they were going to have. We had a few investigators there, and we decided to get our face painted. Elder Echeverria got his face painted by the young womens president, who did a rocking job! He was a tiger. It was awesome. I on the other hand, let the Bishops 7 year old daughter paint my face. Hahaha... Woah, that was a ridiculous paint job. everyone decided that I was a mix between a Raccoon, a Clown, a Princess, the Joker and a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Go figure. Oh, also, it wasn't face paint. It was paint paint. I had to scrub my face 4 times with an apricot scrub in order to get it all off, and it still isn't completly gone. At least I didn't have to go to church with my face DARK RED.

2. We locked our keys in our car this week too. That just sucked though. We had a whole bunch of stuff we wanted to do, and it didn't end up getting done. We had to wait like 2 hours for the tow truck to come and pry the door open and open the lock. Ridiculous. 

3. We went to help Celine with her pool! 4 times. Celine is an older haitian lady, she wasn't interesed in talking to us, but did need help opeing her pool for the summer. We, being the in-experianced missionaries that we were, decided to go help her out! We will never doo that again. It was stupid. We had to go back 4 times!! Also, she wore her ill-fitting, buttoned only to her belly button nightie around all day, and didn't wear a bra. I will forever be scarred by what I saw at that house. *Shudder*

4. This sunday we will be doing a "Missionary Sunday" Where all 4 of us missionaries will be speaking at church, and we will be doing a musical number as well. It should be fun, but it is a lot of work on top of what we have already got going on. 

5. Hey, in the missionary broadcast thing that showed on Sunday, the Stake President of the Florida stake that was featured for a short bit is President Patrick. My new mission president!! So cool, right? 

6. We gave a blessing to a less active named Cecile Bouchard. She had been sitting at the kitchen table, with one leg crossed over the other and then she went to stand up. Her leg had fallen asleep and she actually ended up twisting her ankle and falling. She hit her ribs on the counter corner and broke a rib. Badly. It was pointy and every time she breathed it poked her in the lungs so she was having lots of problems. Every time she breathed it was sharp and raspy. Elder Echeverria anointed her with oil, and as soon as his hands were upon her head, her breathing calmed down and became silent. After that I gave her the blessing and we left and she left to go to the hospital. At the hospital she got an X-Ray and the doctors said that her rib had moved into place and that everything was starting to heal up nicely. She was so grateful and luckily she reacognized the hand of the Lord. She said that over the next 2 months as she heals, she wants us to re-teach her the missionary lessons so that she can come back tochurch when she is all healed up. It is an incredible story! Thank goodness we have the power of the priesthood restored to us again in our lives!

Sorry this email came a day late, yesterday was St. Jean-Baptist day. We didn't work after5 PM. So our P-Day got switched to Tuesday so that we wouldnt have all Monday off. I love you all so much!

Elder Oviatt

P.S. Kaden, my guess is that you are coming here to Quebec, and that I am going to train you!! Or if not, Italy. Cuz that would just be flipping awesome!!