Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July 29

So... Hey there!! I honestly don't have anything to tell you this week, I'm just so stinking excited that Kaden got his call!!!!


Understand?  I'm kind of hoping that Kaden contracts some strange disease that is only treatable here in Canada so that he has to stay here in Quebec. But of couse this disease will miraculously be cured after 2 years... =) And it wont give him any problems if he stays here in Quebec. But I don't even know if the US military has come up with a disease as stragne as that yet. Lets see what you got Obama!!!

Oh, I don't know if I told you last week, but the new apartment that I live in is a split level house. we live in the top level. In the middle level lives a family that is Jehovas witness. THe family that lives in the basement is.... Jehovas witness... Nice choice in Lodging President. =) No, its good, the yare friendly. 

The new ward is huge, and I am so lost. This last week was a gong show because we have NO idea what is going on. We call the other team all the time, and they call us, because neither of us know what is going on with the areas. Its a good time all around. 

We have been getting lots of rain lately. which is great, because it's always late in the night, so it keeps the temperatuer down, but we don't have to go out tracting in the rain. Not fun. But I love you all and will Talk to you later!!

Elder Oviatt!!

P.S. there is a guy in my new ward who served his mission in Edmonton who was actually in connors hill ward. Elder Guerrin? He rememberd you so... 

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