Thursday, July 11, 2013

July 8

Little Hi, little Low! Little Hey, Little Ho!!! (Name that movie!)

This week was great! We got to meet President Patrick! He is a super cool guy. He is here with 5 of his kids too. That was a little strange. But he is putting a lot of emphasis on member work. And your missionaries should be doing it too. Work hard members!

In Quebec, because they don't celebrate Canada Day, they celebrate Le Jour-Saint-Jean-Baptiste. the 24th of June. Apparently it is Quebecs "NATIONAL HOLIDAY" OK Guys... 

This week itself was a little slow. Not a whole lot moving on the missionary side of life. Everyone is headed out for holidays. We have a lot to do always. Maybe not necessairily lots of lessons all the time, but there are always places to knock. And so even if there were a thousand missionaries here in Longueuil, we could still be super busy always. 

This week we have a member coming with us for a mini mission. He will be with us fromMonday afternoon to Friday. Its going to be a long week for a few reasons. He is awesome, first off, but he only speaks French. Only. Also, He is from France and has lived here for a year on a visiting visa, so he can't work. And then al he can do now is play video games. So all he has to talk about is video games. In French. Cool.... 

We actually have to go pick him up right now, I didn't realise how late it had gotten...!! I love you all!! Later my friends!À

Elder Oviatt (Ps. the movie is Stuart Little)

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