Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July 22

Hey Hey Hey!!

Crazy week for me! So lets start off with... Monday. Monday was Elder Echeverrias birthday. He got a package that had 2 nerf guns in it. It was awesome. Untill I got hurt and had to go to the hospital. Yeah... For real. We had a few minutes during supper time and we were having a quick-draw competition and I tried to dodge one of his bullets by quickly throwing my head down and to the left. Well, my plan would have been great except I forgot that I was standing right beside a chair. So I smashed my eyebrow into the back of hte chair. That didn't feel so hot. It split open and we thought I was going to need stitches. Luckily no. I just got some steri-strips and we got out. Which was AWESOME, because it took us like 40 minutes instead of the 12-13 hour wait that they were expecting... Ridiculous.

Next, Transfer calls! Those were... Weird... So I'm no longer in Longueuil... I'm in Lemoyne. Which is the other french ward in my district. And I'm taking elder Echeverria with me... And the two elders who were in LeMoyne, well, they are now in Longueuil. Again... What?! Every single person who has heard about what happend is just super confused. I am still Distrcit leader, and the elders who were in Lemoyne are still the Zone Leaders. Everything switched except for our titles and our cars. We have to move all of our stuff... 3 minutes away from where we live right now... It's weird. And in our district of 12 missionaries only 1 is leaving. Everyhting stayed exactly how it was before, except for Sister Murdoch leaving and the Longueuil/LeMoyne switch. Honestly, this is just going to be a huge hastle. Flushing into an area is the worst.

But, on that note, I'm going to get super fat today and tomorrow, because we have 2 or 3 suppers a day. I do enjoy the transfer for that reason. =)

I have a few pictures to attach, but as far as news goes, thats about it for me this week! I love ya, have a great week!!

Elder Oviatt!!

 Bienvenue is the French word for Welcome. Very nice, right? Well, Bien Nue is French for Completely Naked. No longer very nice. Everyone has these mats. They problem is when people are ACTUALLY Bien Nue when they come to the door. Flip...

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