Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July 15


SO, we have had a crazy week. We spent the last 7 days with a member! On a mini Mission. It was a looooong week. He only speaks French, so we tried to speak only french at the beginning. We lasted about 3 days. Then we started speaking english, then he started telling us to speak french. Then we tried again. And we just got so we spoke mostly french, or so that we would speak in English first, then repeat it in French for him. I just love English... 

Missionary work has been a little rough this last week though. Everyone is on holidays. EVERYONE!! We had an investigator who was commited with a baptismal date, who left for Togo. She isn't coming back untill the end of August. Frick!! Haha, it's fun though. We get to do a lot of knocking. And the people who are home have a bit more time. They don't want to spend it with US, but still.... 

We have transfer calls this week! Elder Echeverria and I may not be together anymore, which is sad! I feel like I have missed out on a great opportunity to learn Spanish. Well, I can't say that yet, because I'm still here and so is he, But incase we do get moved, here is a little bit of pre-complaining for you all to read. I have been here in Longueuil for 5 months. Man, this is so weird!! I can't believe it... Things are just flying by! It makes me miss Alma so much. But at the same time, I love it so much here, not in Alma. 

I hate the Heat, by the way. I could never be a business man in a place with more than 20% humidity and where the temperature rises above 25 celcuis. Oh, right, I may go into business after my mission. But lets not think about that one right now. Anyways, it is so hot here, and I just want to go swimming so bad. Or at least to run around with just my swimming suit on. Everywhere. I would fit right in with the Quebecois people. If you see a guy with a shirt on, you almost do a double take because there aren't a whole lot of them who dress themselves in the morning. I honestly can't wait untill winter. Cold is so much easier to handle than hot when you are wearing dress clothing. But, I have to go, big day today, I love you all!!

Elder Oviatt

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