Thursday, July 11, 2013

July 2

Hello all!

P-Day again was switched this week to accomodate for Canada Day. Which basically doesn't exist here in Quebec. Nothing happened. THere were no celebrations, there was no decorations, there was nothing. Except all the stores were closed. Great...

Tomorrow is Zone study day. We are going to all meet up at a chapel on the Island of Montreal where the New Mission President will be gracing us with his presence. Today was great, we had a "Zone activity" where we played Marshmellow Capture the flag and then some frisby. I feel so tired, it's great. I can't wait to get home and play sports all day long. Or not. We shall see. We have been pushing forwards with the cultural night planning still. Not a whole lot of progress, but thats fine, we aren't at that stage yet... Mom, do you remember that cultural night we had a LONG time ago? That is kind of the exact same idea that we are going for. 

Anyways, I am actually over my email time. We end up losing lots of email time when we do big zone activities, because there are still so many OTHER things that we have to do, and seeing as grocery shopping is something that really truly affects our week, and emails does, but in a much less noticable way, emails are usually the things that get cut short. I love you all!!

Elder Austen Oviatt!

1. 100 Trillion Dollars... Doing well for myself, hey?  

2. So, when we go up 3 or 4 stories to knock, its boring to walk back down to the main floor, so we decided that if Jason Borne could jump down 4 stories and live, so could we!

3. Just because Jason Borne can do something, 
doesn't mean that you can...

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