Wednesday, April 23, 2014

April 14, 2014

Hey! This week was good. Not a whole lot happened! we didn't get to go tour that gun range, so that was too bad. Hahaha! So, we went to a volunteer appreciation dinner at the retirement home that we play cards at, and they had jars full of the dry ingredients for banana bread for all the volunteers, you know? So anyways, at my table, one lady had opened the jar, had poured some out onto a plate and started eating it with a spoon! It was super funny!! it had dried bananas in it, so it could have been a treat, I guess... but, that being said, we made the bread, and it was awesome! We found out that the chevy cruises have falty axles, so we have to take our car in today and see if it needs to be replaced. It's on recall. But, we will get a rental car if it is bad! That makes us excited, because we are burning through our clicks fast, and they are threatening to park us in may if we go over our limit. We could really use a car with no limit right now. But that's it for our week! 

Elder Oviatt

Monday, April 7, 2014

April 28, 2014

Hey! This week was great! Went and picked up Elder Mataoa, stayed in Ottawa for way to long, and then had a zone meeting. It was decent. Not the best one I've been to, unfortunately. =) Hey, not everything can be better than the last one! Elder Mataoa is hilarious! So far, the members all love him, were going to do some awesome work up here in Petawawa! Today at 3:30 we get to go tour a gun range that a member is about to finish building for the Canadian Special Forces! I'm Excited!! Conference was awesome, I loved Priesthood session!

1. This is Elder Russell. This was at zone meeting, we got a little bored, so we put our tags on him. He's 5 times the missionary I'll ever be! ;)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March 24, 2014

J1. This is Elder Beaumont, and my self and Elder Beaumonts greenie, Elder Soll. This is a three generational picture, taken at Montreal on the day we went to see Elder Neil L Anderson. Cool Day.

2. This is at our Dinner on my birhtday. They set up green decorations! And she made me a pie. Awesomeness.

3. This is a cake that was bought for me for our FHE group. They put the candles right after my name because they actually spelt it wrong. =) 

4. We had ANOTHER birthday party/dinner this week. They bought me a batman birthday cake, and appologized because batman was the closest thing they could get to superman. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

March 17, 2014 (Happy Birthday Austen!)

Hey All! 

This week was crazy! I don't have a whole lot to tell about, but I do have some awesome pictures.

1. This is Calebs Baptism. That was so awesome. That was Saturday. We drove down and I got to baptize him. Then, Sunday we were back down to Ottawa and I was able to confirm him. Next Sunday he is recieving the priesthood, then he wants to go to the temple with us. Crazyness. His parents were at his baptism. I don't know if you all know how big of a deal that is, but it's a huge deal. So we spent most of our week in Ottawa. Not very productive...

2. This is my 21st Birthday Cake. It was bought for me by Sister Cooke. Who also has a birthday today! She came to church with a cake for me. What a sweet lady, I hope to get a card down to her this week, because she lives 45 minutes away. 

3. This is my 12th birthday cake. Everyone wishes they were young again, right? Well, today, I am young again!

Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014

Hey!! Another week gone. Impossible, but I guess not! 

This week was good! We didn't do to much out of the ordinary, but we had tons of fun anyways! 

We have an investigator, Jennifer, who is so awesome! She has a baptismal date for March 29th, and she is doing so well! We mentioned tithing quickly in a lesson a while ago, and she asked about it, so we did a brief outline of it, explained what it was and all that, and then we moved on. Well, a day or so later, Jennifer texts us and says that she has looked at her finances and will be able to pay titihing and is so excited to be able to join our faith community. It was awesome. Basically floored us, that's certain! And we had another person, Edward, I've talked about him before, text us and tell us that him and his friends who are posted to Petawawa, want to visit all the churches in the area before they leave. So we told him good luck, we hope you find a church. He then texted us back and said "Oh, I've already found a church. Your church. We're just looking for one for my friend now!" We were floored by that text as well!

Lets see... What else... Oh! Saturday night we went way up to Deep River, about 45ish minutes away from Pembroke to visit with a family who has an inactive daughter and a daughter who is engaged to someone who is not a mormon, and we were going to have a game night to get to know her Fiance. We played Clue. I'll be honest. That game is kind of boring. But Elder Losee ended it really quickly, it was great. He made an educated, but lucky guess and won after about 10 minutes. Then we played Quelf. That game is hilarious. There were some great pictures taken. I'll get those sent out next week, because I don't have them myself. I Lost, but I'm pretty sure I had the most fun. =)

This next week should be an amazing week. Caleb is getting baptized on Saturday. at 7:00PM. He may have his friend from Las Vegas baptize him, but that's not even the coolest part. His parents will be coming. That is like, blow your mind awesome. His parents have come a long way since they first learned he went to a Latter-Day Saint church. I'm excited to meet them. So, we will be in Ottawa Wednesday, then halfway to Ottawa Thursday to un-split, then Saturdayfor Calebs Baptism, then Sunday again for Calebs Confirmation and Stake General Priesthood meeting. Lots of driving. Then, the next week, we are going down to Montreal for our big meeting with the general authority, and a temple trip. I'm excited! Anyways, that is is for us. Elder Losee and I are headed out for another adventure filled week!

Love yous!

Elder Oviatt

Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3, 2014

Hey there! 

So, crazy week! we got in a car accident! Woo!! Actually, embarrassing story. we were backing out of our driveway, and it was icy, and slushy and gross. And our land lady was driving INTO the driveway, and in ONtario, they don't like, collect the snow like they do in Alberta (or at least like they do in Sherwood Park.) So every house has this HUGE pile of snow where they toss the snow from their driveways and where the snow from the road is plowed onto the yard. SO anyways, this pile of snow blocked me from seeing her, and blocked her from seeing me. And I have to hit the gas to got moving because of the ice in the driveway, and she saw me coming out, so she slammed on the gas to get passed me, but all the slush on the road caused her traction control to come on, so she actually ended up slowing down, and then bang. A tiny little crash. Nothing serious, but their car definitely got the worst of thedamage. Sorry guys! We got to do some service on Tuesdayat the Old Folks home where we play cards on Friday, and we were waiters during their big annual "Star light dinner" Where they just go all out and super fancy to make the people feel special. And man, that was a blast from the past. carrying in trays of food, and carrying back dishes. Pouring drinks, the whole shebang. It was awesome. Then, we had a cook-off for the young men young women at church, kind of an iron chef night. It was tons of fun! The girls won, but dang, the young men made some delicious tasting chicken! Caleb is getting baptized March 15th. He asked me if I could do the baptism and the Confirmation the Sunday after. I was touched. Caleb is doing so awesome, down in Ottawa, he is working as a door to door bell salesman guy, and we keep on telling him that it is "Good Practice" He hates it, but laughs, because he totally knows it's true. 

That's about it for this week!

Elder Oviatt

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

February 17, 2014


"Elder Oviatt, are you ready for your transfer call? You're going to..... STAY IN PETAWAWA!!!" 

Another call came and went and Elder Oviatt stands strong in Petawawa. This is now my longest area, having been here for 5 transfers starting Wednesday! So excited. I love this place! 

So, a few weeks ago, Elder Losee and myself went to the dog park with Caleb, and I lost my name tag. Super sad. I have like 10 though, so no big deal. But anyways, Caleb sends us a picture text this week of him holding my name tag. Someone had found it in the dog park, picked it up, and clamped it to the bleachers!! So cool! I love stories of boomerang tags! This week we have been all over the place. Ottawa, 2 hours away from Pembroke. Renfrew, 45 minutes away from Pembroke, heading south. Deep River, 45 minutes away from Pembroke heading north. Renfrew again. Our mission cars have a life of 80 000 kilometers. After that the church sells them because maintanance and up keep become too expensive to viably handle. I got the car we have right now at 37 Kilometers. It's now at 14 500 kilometers. If I stay in Petawawa my whole mission, I could possibly take the car to 25 000 kilometers, meaning, I will have personally driven that car about 1/3rd of its life. That is crazy. We drive way to much.

Caleb is moved off to Ottawa. He has been picked up by the sister missionaries in the YSA ward. He loves it, and is enjoying being taught by sisters. Haha. Boys. He actually came with us this week to teach a lesson to an investigator. He did awesome, he bore his testimony and explained how he is feeling about the Book of Mormon and how he recieved his answer, and how he feels so good about the church. We're going to make a missionary out of him yet! 8] He reads my emails. He is a little in denial about a mission right now, but that will change after he meets so many great missionaries down in Ottawa. 

We are headed down to Renfrew tonight actually. Today all the stores are closed because of Family Day. We will have to do our shopping tomorrow or somethign. =) Or we will starve to death. Two options. =) We have lots of dinner apointmements this week actually. Actually, we have something every day! Woah! Didn;'t even realize that until just now. Anyways.