Monday, April 7, 2014

April 28, 2014

Hey! This week was great! Went and picked up Elder Mataoa, stayed in Ottawa for way to long, and then had a zone meeting. It was decent. Not the best one I've been to, unfortunately. =) Hey, not everything can be better than the last one! Elder Mataoa is hilarious! So far, the members all love him, were going to do some awesome work up here in Petawawa! Today at 3:30 we get to go tour a gun range that a member is about to finish building for the Canadian Special Forces! I'm Excited!! Conference was awesome, I loved Priesthood session!

1. This is Elder Russell. This was at zone meeting, we got a little bored, so we put our tags on him. He's 5 times the missionary I'll ever be! ;)

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