Tuesday, February 18, 2014

February 17, 2014


"Elder Oviatt, are you ready for your transfer call? You're going to..... STAY IN PETAWAWA!!!" 

Another call came and went and Elder Oviatt stands strong in Petawawa. This is now my longest area, having been here for 5 transfers starting Wednesday! So excited. I love this place! 

So, a few weeks ago, Elder Losee and myself went to the dog park with Caleb, and I lost my name tag. Super sad. I have like 10 though, so no big deal. But anyways, Caleb sends us a picture text this week of him holding my name tag. Someone had found it in the dog park, picked it up, and clamped it to the bleachers!! So cool! I love stories of boomerang tags! This week we have been all over the place. Ottawa, 2 hours away from Pembroke. Renfrew, 45 minutes away from Pembroke, heading south. Deep River, 45 minutes away from Pembroke heading north. Renfrew again. Our mission cars have a life of 80 000 kilometers. After that the church sells them because maintanance and up keep become too expensive to viably handle. I got the car we have right now at 37 Kilometers. It's now at 14 500 kilometers. If I stay in Petawawa my whole mission, I could possibly take the car to 25 000 kilometers, meaning, I will have personally driven that car about 1/3rd of its life. That is crazy. We drive way to much.

Caleb is moved off to Ottawa. He has been picked up by the sister missionaries in the YSA ward. He loves it, and is enjoying being taught by sisters. Haha. Boys. He actually came with us this week to teach a lesson to an investigator. He did awesome, he bore his testimony and explained how he is feeling about the Book of Mormon and how he recieved his answer, and how he feels so good about the church. We're going to make a missionary out of him yet! 8] He reads my emails. He is a little in denial about a mission right now, but that will change after he meets so many great missionaries down in Ottawa. 

We are headed down to Renfrew tonight actually. Today all the stores are closed because of Family Day. We will have to do our shopping tomorrow or somethign. =) Or we will starve to death. Two options. =) We have lots of dinner apointmements this week actually. Actually, we have something every day! Woah! Didn;'t even realize that until just now. Anyways.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

February 10

Hey everyone!

So, this week... This week was pretty good! Not a ton happened. We had splits, and Elder Messenger and I tore it up here in Petawawa! We had Zone Conference, so the mission president was up, and we got to talk to him a bit. The stake President was there too, and he had some great stuff to say. We had planning on Friday again, but I was totally clothed this time. Elder Losee understood what would happen if we weren't focused, and he wasn't willing to risk it again. 8]Sunday was great though. We had lots of investigators at church! Bonnie was there, Jennifer was there! That was so cool! She is awesome! She has started reading the book of Mormon, came to church and loved it, asked questions, participated, sang, like, just golden! Saturday we had breakfast with Caleb at a place called Janna's (Caleb is the name of the person that had asked me not to use his name. He told me last week that I should just use his name, because it was ridiculous that I was calling him Voldemort and Dumbledore and Gandalf. He is cool.) He may be moving down to Ottawa, which is great for him. Definitely his best option. Sad for us, be we will definitely still see him. We are down in Ottawa often enough. =) Anyways, that is about it for this week! Have a great one, Next Monday I will be telling you what happened during transfer calls! Saturday we get calls again! CRAZY!

Elder Oviatt

1. So this is a chain, carved out of wood! Each link is individually carved, and it's super awesome! probably took hours and hours and hours

"The fierce predator is on the prowl for it's next meal."

This is a leopard baby. Awesome. And apparently hypo-allergenic. And like $1500!

February 3, 2014

Hey! SO COOL!! So, every Monday, we open up our emails and we have the mission newsletter. This week we open it up and what does it say?:

"Dear Elders and Sisters, 

We are pleased to announce that we will have an all-Mission meeting in 
Montreal at 10:00 am on March 22, 2014. One of the Quorum of the 
Twelve will preside. 

More details will follow."

WHAT?!?! YES!!! WE GET TO MEET AN APOSTLE!! Needless to say, my birthday week is going to flipping rock! Anyways...

THis week was good! We didn't do a whole ton. Wednesday we had District meeting, and Elder Pehrson and I did splits. Elder Pehrson started at the same time as myself, he is the Zone leader here for us now. We actually got to do splits a long time ago, back when I was in Alma and we were both in Quebec city for zone meeting. It was a great split back a year ago, and this split was great also! we taught our awesome friend, tried to crash a latino gathering in Pembroke (it was already over though, so no spanish parties for us... =[ ), we ate, we talked, we sang, we laughed, we cried... OK, maybe not cried... We then Un-Split on Thursday and had a great day with Elder Losee! Friday was a great day! We Went to the hospital to meet the Aunt of one of our memebers, who is not a member, and we had a lesson with her, and gave her a book of mormon, then we played Rummy-O, because she was bored to death in the hospital. It was great, she was supposed to come to church SUnday too, but the Doctors had an appointment with her, so she couldn't leave the hospital. Then, We went back and visisted her on Sunday, because our D.A. got cancelled, so we talked with her, and we talked with one of the other womne who was in the hosptal with her, and she asked us which church we were from, and then told us that she had moved to pembroke about 5 years ago (From a town 45 minutes away... not that big of a change), and hadn't decided on a church to go to since then. And the she told us that she would love to meet up with us and talk about Jesus and our church! So, we were like... YES! And then she told us that she lived on Everett street. And then we were like... Uh... WE LIVE ON EVERETT STREET! So, we have a new investigator! She is one of our neighbors! And then, Today, our member went to pick her Aunt up and this woman, Jennifer asked if she could have Bonnie's book of mormon, so they gave it to her and they (the member and Jennifer) exchanged phone numbers and addresses and stuff! It was super cool! We will teacher her as soon as she is out of the hospital! So back to Friday. We then had a bomb lesson with one of our less active members, Cassidy, who wants to come to church, but broke her foot, so she is working on that one, the lesson went so well! Spirit was there, Members were there, all in all, it rocked. Saturday we did our weekly planning. So, Elder Losee is a very visual person. He is very stimulated by colors and patterns and lights and flashy things. And that makes planning very very hard. He is all over the place. We have yet to have a good weekly plan. Until Saturday. So, I realized Elder Losee's visual learning style, so I was trying to think of how I could get him to only look at his planner. I wasn't coming up with any ideas, because everything I could think of was like, build a room, paint it white, put nothing in it, plan in there. Or things like "Blind him" But I don't think my mission president would have appreciate that. Or him... Or his parents... Or anyone. So that option was completly out. But then I remembered! Elder Losee has a huge aversion to seeing me naked (Which is a good thing. If it were any other way, I would be a little bit worried...), and I have a huge love for not wearing clothing, so I decided to plan. Naked. Honestly, that was the best planning session I have EVER had, not just with Elder Losee, but with any of my companions! He didn't take his eyes off his planner ONCE! We were completly done in 2 hours! Most missionaries it takes 3 hours to do, and with Elder Losee it was taking us about 5 hours, broken up over 2 days. And then Boom. Streamlined. I should be a business man or something. Work on Efficency-ing up peoples businesses! Right?! Anyways, We have a zone conference this week, Thursday. That sjhould be great! And then we have splits, and then it will be next week, and next week we get our transfer calls. Insane. Anyways, I shall talk to you later, have a great week!

Elder 'Naked' Oviatt!