Tuesday, February 18, 2014

February 17, 2014


"Elder Oviatt, are you ready for your transfer call? You're going to..... STAY IN PETAWAWA!!!" 

Another call came and went and Elder Oviatt stands strong in Petawawa. This is now my longest area, having been here for 5 transfers starting Wednesday! So excited. I love this place! 

So, a few weeks ago, Elder Losee and myself went to the dog park with Caleb, and I lost my name tag. Super sad. I have like 10 though, so no big deal. But anyways, Caleb sends us a picture text this week of him holding my name tag. Someone had found it in the dog park, picked it up, and clamped it to the bleachers!! So cool! I love stories of boomerang tags! This week we have been all over the place. Ottawa, 2 hours away from Pembroke. Renfrew, 45 minutes away from Pembroke, heading south. Deep River, 45 minutes away from Pembroke heading north. Renfrew again. Our mission cars have a life of 80 000 kilometers. After that the church sells them because maintanance and up keep become too expensive to viably handle. I got the car we have right now at 37 Kilometers. It's now at 14 500 kilometers. If I stay in Petawawa my whole mission, I could possibly take the car to 25 000 kilometers, meaning, I will have personally driven that car about 1/3rd of its life. That is crazy. We drive way to much.

Caleb is moved off to Ottawa. He has been picked up by the sister missionaries in the YSA ward. He loves it, and is enjoying being taught by sisters. Haha. Boys. He actually came with us this week to teach a lesson to an investigator. He did awesome, he bore his testimony and explained how he is feeling about the Book of Mormon and how he recieved his answer, and how he feels so good about the church. We're going to make a missionary out of him yet! 8] He reads my emails. He is a little in denial about a mission right now, but that will change after he meets so many great missionaries down in Ottawa. 

We are headed down to Renfrew tonight actually. Today all the stores are closed because of Family Day. We will have to do our shopping tomorrow or somethign. =) Or we will starve to death. Two options. =) We have lots of dinner apointmements this week actually. Actually, we have something every day! Woah! Didn;'t even realize that until just now. Anyways.

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