Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3, 2014

Hey there! 

So, crazy week! we got in a car accident! Woo!! Actually, embarrassing story. we were backing out of our driveway, and it was icy, and slushy and gross. And our land lady was driving INTO the driveway, and in ONtario, they don't like, collect the snow like they do in Alberta (or at least like they do in Sherwood Park.) So every house has this HUGE pile of snow where they toss the snow from their driveways and where the snow from the road is plowed onto the yard. SO anyways, this pile of snow blocked me from seeing her, and blocked her from seeing me. And I have to hit the gas to got moving because of the ice in the driveway, and she saw me coming out, so she slammed on the gas to get passed me, but all the slush on the road caused her traction control to come on, so she actually ended up slowing down, and then bang. A tiny little crash. Nothing serious, but their car definitely got the worst of thedamage. Sorry guys! We got to do some service on Tuesdayat the Old Folks home where we play cards on Friday, and we were waiters during their big annual "Star light dinner" Where they just go all out and super fancy to make the people feel special. And man, that was a blast from the past. carrying in trays of food, and carrying back dishes. Pouring drinks, the whole shebang. It was awesome. Then, we had a cook-off for the young men young women at church, kind of an iron chef night. It was tons of fun! The girls won, but dang, the young men made some delicious tasting chicken! Caleb is getting baptized March 15th. He asked me if I could do the baptism and the Confirmation the Sunday after. I was touched. Caleb is doing so awesome, down in Ottawa, he is working as a door to door bell salesman guy, and we keep on telling him that it is "Good Practice" He hates it, but laughs, because he totally knows it's true. 

That's about it for this week!

Elder Oviatt

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