Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014

Hey!! Another week gone. Impossible, but I guess not! 

This week was good! We didn't do to much out of the ordinary, but we had tons of fun anyways! 

We have an investigator, Jennifer, who is so awesome! She has a baptismal date for March 29th, and she is doing so well! We mentioned tithing quickly in a lesson a while ago, and she asked about it, so we did a brief outline of it, explained what it was and all that, and then we moved on. Well, a day or so later, Jennifer texts us and says that she has looked at her finances and will be able to pay titihing and is so excited to be able to join our faith community. It was awesome. Basically floored us, that's certain! And we had another person, Edward, I've talked about him before, text us and tell us that him and his friends who are posted to Petawawa, want to visit all the churches in the area before they leave. So we told him good luck, we hope you find a church. He then texted us back and said "Oh, I've already found a church. Your church. We're just looking for one for my friend now!" We were floored by that text as well!

Lets see... What else... Oh! Saturday night we went way up to Deep River, about 45ish minutes away from Pembroke to visit with a family who has an inactive daughter and a daughter who is engaged to someone who is not a mormon, and we were going to have a game night to get to know her Fiance. We played Clue. I'll be honest. That game is kind of boring. But Elder Losee ended it really quickly, it was great. He made an educated, but lucky guess and won after about 10 minutes. Then we played Quelf. That game is hilarious. There were some great pictures taken. I'll get those sent out next week, because I don't have them myself. I Lost, but I'm pretty sure I had the most fun. =)

This next week should be an amazing week. Caleb is getting baptized on Saturday. at 7:00PM. He may have his friend from Las Vegas baptize him, but that's not even the coolest part. His parents will be coming. That is like, blow your mind awesome. His parents have come a long way since they first learned he went to a Latter-Day Saint church. I'm excited to meet them. So, we will be in Ottawa Wednesday, then halfway to Ottawa Thursday to un-split, then Saturdayfor Calebs Baptism, then Sunday again for Calebs Confirmation and Stake General Priesthood meeting. Lots of driving. Then, the next week, we are going down to Montreal for our big meeting with the general authority, and a temple trip. I'm excited! Anyways, that is is for us. Elder Losee and I are headed out for another adventure filled week!

Love yous!

Elder Oviatt

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