Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hey everyone!
This is my week! it was fun!!
Monday, P-Day. Boring as usual... Sorry, but it's the truth!

Tuesday: we just taught a whole bunch of lessons. We have three people committed for a baptismal date right now.Jessica from Haiti, and Mylène Dumais, from here. We taught them. It was great!

Wednesday: We went to Montreal to go help out with Transfers. There were more teams than there was space in the cars for people coming up to the Rive Sud, so we had to go even tho we wern't doing anything there. It was fun to see so many missionaries... it is such a different world here than it was in Quebec. We have a huge district now. There are 5 teams in our district. That was as big as our whole ZONE was last transfer! Its awesome! District studies are going to be so much fun from now on! 

Thursday: We had district study! Like I said, it was a blast. We also had the AP's there, so that was tons of fun! 12 people at a district study... crazy. All we were missing was President and Sister Cannon and we could have had a zone conference! We have also been slowly moving stuff into our new apartment, a fridge and a stove, a table and chairs, and a washing machine. No dryer yet... =) But Elder Garcia messed up his back moving the Fridge up the stairs, so I had fun rubbing him down with Icy-Hot cream when we got to the apartment that night.... Eeewwwww....

Friday: I don't even really remember. Time passes so quickly. We had to go drive around to help out the new teams of missionaries, to get everything ready for them. Bus passes, junk like that. I'm so excited to move into a 4 man!!! Elder Lopez And Elder Botello. I am going to be the only person in my apartment who doesn't speak spanish. Awkward.... 

Saturday, More lessons with Luz (our third commited) and Jessica and Sr. Dumais. And we took Jessica and Sr. Dumais to a baptism that another area had. It was awesome!!! They were both like, "Yeah, we are going to get baptized too!!" And they are both so excited! Their dates are both set for April 7th. We are crossing our fingers for them to keep the dates!! =D =D 

Sunday: Church, Supper with Members, way to much food, and way to much fun. And way to much time. We try and keep our meals down to 1 hour, but members don't like to respect that rule to much.....
My new "roommate" Elder Lopez also has a ukulele, and we are excited to be able to Jam together. We don't know when we will be moving in together, but hopefully soon.
We are at the mall doing emails right now, and I forgot to bring my camera in with me, so I can't send my pictures of the new "roommates", but next week, I'll get them sent!

Love you all!

Elder Oviatt!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Hey Hey Hey! 

Did I tell you all that transfer calls were this Saturday? Because they were. But luckily I am staying here in Longueuil! However, we will be moving into a new apartment  A '4 man' as we call them. There will be myself and Elder Garcia, and also the elders for Victoria, the Spanish ward, living in the apartment. I'm so excited, everyone says that 4 mans are the best! 

Things have been going really well with us though. The work is really different here than it was in Quebec city and Alma. We have 9 people committed for baptism in the coming weeks and months. Who knows how many of them will make it, but we just have a lot of work. We also meet people from all around the world! Teaching from almost any country you can think of. It's insane! 

Yesterday was my birthday, and I had a fun time. I got sung to a few times, and got a cake too! The family that was supposed to feed us yesterday called us an hour before the appointment  and canceled. So I called a family in our ward and invited ourselves over for supper. =) It was a terribly awkward phone call, but they didn't mind. They had asked during church if we had someone to eat with, and I said yes, and they told me that if not, they wre going to invite us over. So I didn't feel TOTALLY awkward calling them. I told them at supper that I felt bad inviting ourselves, and they told us not to worry about it, So I felt better. 

I would like to say thank you for the birthday wishes that I received  My birthday was well enjoyed, and I appreciated the emails and letters I received!!

I love you all, and will try and write a longer letter next week, when I don't have to reply to lots of people. 

I hope you all wore a little bit of GREEN yesterday for St. Patrick's Day!


Elder Austen Oviatt

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I Do! I Do!

Baby Eva

Birthday at Family Maisonneuve's house! 

The Montreal Temple. This building taunts me every single day. I WANT TO GO IN IT SO BAD!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hey there Y'all!

Sorry... My companion is from Texas. He says y'all all the time. It's starting to rub off.

How were your weeks this week? Great I hope! Mine was crazy... In a good way...

I'm certain that I have complained about how strange time is on the mission. About how things seem to go so slowly but yet are over so suddenly? This week was like that. It started off with P-Day. We played Pickle Ball with the Zone leaders at our chapel. Pickle ball is like a mixture of tennis and ping-pong. It's great. But my companion isn't the most athletic person ever (not a whole lot of us are after being on a mission for almost 2 years) so we stopped that and the Zone Leaders played by them selves. And then P-Day seemed to go FOREVER. Elder Mcmurrin, my zone leader said "You know you have been a missionary for a long time when you hate P-Day. You just feel like you are wasting your time and would much rather be out knocking doors than doing what ever you are doing at the moment." I agree whole-heartedly. P-Days can be so obnoxious. =) But we love 'em anyways. And then, our days are just so... full of stuff, that it seems to drag on forever. Every single day we have tons of stuff to do. And every single day I don't know how I make it through the day. And then I blink and It's Sunday evening and we are in the apartment doing weekly calls and I go "how on earth is it Sunday??"

We met a guy from Madascar this week! It made me think of Elder Bates over in Madagascar! And we had a missionary in the ward I'm serving in come home last week, so he has been heling us out. That is cool, and makes me a little bit more at ease about being done my mission. (I know, I haven't even hit my 1 year mark, but I'm dreading coming home already...)

Speaking of other things that I'm dreading... It's my birthday in less than 1 week. I'm not looking forward to that. Birthdays have always been so much fun, but I feel like this birthday is just going to feel like any other day. Which is sad. But, as long as I don't dwell on it, the day will come and go and I will be old and wrinkly and just as happy as I am every other day! And Plus, I have a super awesome tie that I'm going to wear on my Birthday. So that will make everything all better.

President Cannon is almost done with his mission. He is finished in June. We will be getting President Patrick. He sounds awesome. We are excited to be getting someone new, and a new outlook and a new way of doing things along with him. 

But I love y'all!  Have a great week!


Elder Austen Oviatt

Monday, March 4, 2013

Hey everyone! 

Goodness, is it Monday already? Wow, does the time fly by. 

Life has been ridiculous! Man, Longueuil is crazy, I love it! My companion, Elder Garcia, is awesome. He is teaching me tons and I am learning (or trying to) tons.

The ward here in Longueuil is huge. There are like 160 active members. I haven't gone to church in a real chapel in so long... I met tons of people and I remember about 1 of their names. Not a great start.  We eat with members almost every single day, so breakfast and lunch are all we eat in our apartment. And that has been toast and nutella lately. We bought groceries today, and we spent 30 bucks. Total. 15 bucks each. I've never even been somewhere that we spent less than 30 bucks each. It was crazy. And like, we bought the nice stuff too, because we can afford it! Hahaha, Our shower is amazing. In a bad way. I almost don't fit in it. Anyone who is taller than me has to sit on a stool while they shower! I have to bend down to get my face and head under the shower head. Gah, It's amazing. Luckily though, we are actually moving into a new apartment on the 16th of March, so I get to be out of here on my birthday! Yeah Happy birthday me! 

We knock lots of apartments. Its tiring. 

I have lost like 10 pounds since I have shown up. I eat 2 slices of toast with nutella for breakfast, and 1 for lunch, then we eat at members houses. It's coming off nicely. =) Maybe not the most healthy way to lose it, but at this point, who cares?!

Have a great week everyone!
Elder Austen Oviatt