Monday, March 18, 2013

Hey Hey Hey! 

Did I tell you all that transfer calls were this Saturday? Because they were. But luckily I am staying here in Longueuil! However, we will be moving into a new apartment  A '4 man' as we call them. There will be myself and Elder Garcia, and also the elders for Victoria, the Spanish ward, living in the apartment. I'm so excited, everyone says that 4 mans are the best! 

Things have been going really well with us though. The work is really different here than it was in Quebec city and Alma. We have 9 people committed for baptism in the coming weeks and months. Who knows how many of them will make it, but we just have a lot of work. We also meet people from all around the world! Teaching from almost any country you can think of. It's insane! 

Yesterday was my birthday, and I had a fun time. I got sung to a few times, and got a cake too! The family that was supposed to feed us yesterday called us an hour before the appointment  and canceled. So I called a family in our ward and invited ourselves over for supper. =) It was a terribly awkward phone call, but they didn't mind. They had asked during church if we had someone to eat with, and I said yes, and they told me that if not, they wre going to invite us over. So I didn't feel TOTALLY awkward calling them. I told them at supper that I felt bad inviting ourselves, and they told us not to worry about it, So I felt better. 

I would like to say thank you for the birthday wishes that I received  My birthday was well enjoyed, and I appreciated the emails and letters I received!!

I love you all, and will try and write a longer letter next week, when I don't have to reply to lots of people. 

I hope you all wore a little bit of GREEN yesterday for St. Patrick's Day!


Elder Austen Oviatt

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I Do! I Do!

Baby Eva

Birthday at Family Maisonneuve's house! 

The Montreal Temple. This building taunts me every single day. I WANT TO GO IN IT SO BAD!

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