Tuesday, February 11, 2014

February 10

Hey everyone!

So, this week... This week was pretty good! Not a ton happened. We had splits, and Elder Messenger and I tore it up here in Petawawa! We had Zone Conference, so the mission president was up, and we got to talk to him a bit. The stake President was there too, and he had some great stuff to say. We had planning on Friday again, but I was totally clothed this time. Elder Losee understood what would happen if we weren't focused, and he wasn't willing to risk it again. 8]Sunday was great though. We had lots of investigators at church! Bonnie was there, Jennifer was there! That was so cool! She is awesome! She has started reading the book of Mormon, came to church and loved it, asked questions, participated, sang, like, just golden! Saturday we had breakfast with Caleb at a place called Janna's (Caleb is the name of the person that had asked me not to use his name. He told me last week that I should just use his name, because it was ridiculous that I was calling him Voldemort and Dumbledore and Gandalf. He is cool.) He may be moving down to Ottawa, which is great for him. Definitely his best option. Sad for us, be we will definitely still see him. We are down in Ottawa often enough. =) Anyways, that is about it for this week! Have a great one, Next Monday I will be telling you what happened during transfer calls! Saturday we get calls again! CRAZY!

Elder Oviatt

1. So this is a chain, carved out of wood! Each link is individually carved, and it's super awesome! probably took hours and hours and hours

"The fierce predator is on the prowl for it's next meal."

This is a leopard baby. Awesome. And apparently hypo-allergenic. And like $1500!

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