Tuesday, August 13, 2013

August 5, 2013


 I am super sorry, this week, we were driving to the mall to do our emails, and we hit trafic so bad that we literally have enough time to tel you that I donèt have time to do emails. We are headed out to visit the husband of a member, who, after 36 years of being married to a Mormon woman and not wanting to know anything about it, decided to read the book of mormon and now wants to get baptised. We are so excited we can't even really explain ourselves. When they called us to let us know that they wanted us to come teach him and his wife, they said "My husband smokes, do you want him to stop smoking before we meet with you, or will you be able to help him out with that?" Well, He will have to have stopped before his baptism, but we would love to help him quit smoking. I have yet to have an investigator like this on my mission, but I am so excited to teach this man, and his family is so excited also. I can't wait!

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