Monday, August 19, 2013

August 19, 2013

Hey hey hey!!
So, I`m going to start out by telling you how great of a P-Day we had this week. We went out and played some tennis this morning, then we did shopping and were done in like 20 minutes, then we came home and dropped the food off, then we went to the Church building because our mission president just allowed us to play a little bit of sports!!!! We have played basketball and soccer for like the past 2 hours.... Ahh... it was awesome. Next week we hope to have some other teams with us so that it isn;t just the two of us. One-on-one basketball is only fun for so long when both of you are so out of shape and suck at basketball. =) But now here I am, ready for email time|!
We had a fun week. I had to give a baptismal interview for an investigator of the sisters in our ward, and it was awesome. But, unfortunately for the other missionaries, she was a talker. And for every question I had to ask her, she had a HUGE story to tell, and then a question to ask me back. So it ended up taking like 2 and a half hours. That is RIDICULOUS! that should never happen folks. My bad. But, on the good side, she "Passed" her interview (there really ins`t any way to pass or fail one of those. its just a way to see how the investigator is doing, and how we can help them out before and after their baptism.) with flying colors. The bad news is that she didn't get baptised like she was supposed tothis Saturday because of a few last minute switch ups with the spouse. So, she is still doing well, but we will see when she will finally get baptised. Great experiance none the less.
Soo... We were teaching our investigator, Pascal, and it was really funny. he is an economy major, trying to get his masters here in Quebec. So anyways, we were talking about Joseph smith, and the restoration of the church and we were trying to see how much he really knew about the church and the doctrine to see how much we would need to see him before his baptism. AAAAaaaannnnd, we found out that he really doesn't know a whole lot. that was evident when he started talking about how 'Adam Smith' very well could have been an inspired man and he wants to know if he really did start a church. Weeeell Pascal, first off, 'Adam Smith' didn't start a church. Adam smith is an economist, not a prophet. But we can definitely help you out to find out if JOSEPH SMITH was on the ball with the whole Inspiration from god stuff. =) He is going to need a bit of instruction before his baptism.
Anyways, I love you all, have a fantastic week!!
Elder Oviatt

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