Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June 10, 2013

Dear World (Bless the World),
Sorry I didn't have time to write you last week. We broke a pool. 'Nuff Said. Let me start with LAST week.
So, Thursday I hit my one year mark in the mission. Which was really really weird. I feel super old. But at the same time I feel super young. But, I looked at the list of all the missionaries, and in our mission there are about 136 missionaries, and there are only about 28 that are older than me, time spent in the mission-wise. I AM one of the older missionaries. But like, we didn't do anything special for that, just, woke up and had some prune juice, took 8 or 10 multi-vitamins to make sure I don't get osteoporosis or have my kidneys fail or some other old person disease... Joking.
Friday was a good day. Well, it was a funny day. We went out to do service for a sister in the Spanish ward who needed help to clean out her pool and do yard work. So we headed out and spent some time. I got to mow the lawn. That felt so good. There is this saying called "Trunky" it is for missionaries who are so ready to go home that they are all packed and are living out of their "Trunks". That doesn't really happen to much anymore, but anytime you have feelings of wanting to go home, or do something against the mission rules, that isn't really against any other rules, you have what are called "Trunky feelings" I felt so trunky when I was mowing the lawn. The smell of the fresh cut grass was great. I had flashbacks of working for Brother Bates mowing lawns all summer. I missed it a little bit. =) Anyways, we were cleaning the pool, and something wasn't working, so I went back and tried to be all manly and fix the pump so we could vacuum the bottom of the pool. We got it working, and I did vacuum the pool with the thinggy-ma-giggy. And things were going great. I was using my crazy gymnastics skills to walk on the poles that support the pool, hopping from one to the next. Then, I got cocky and started going to fast and I kindof sort of fell in the pool. =D I slipped and totally ate it. And I went swimming. In gross, green, algae-y, buggy, leafy smelly water. But it was worth it. Because it was really really funny.
Saturday we did service for 8 hours, helping a sister move. It was retarded. We were only planning on being there for like 3 or 4 hours. It took WAY longer than that. We were all dead. like, literally, when we woke up Sunday morning, I thought my arms were never going to move again. But it was a good day had by all. I got to lots of wiring. Put up light fixtures, dimer switches, good stuff like that.
Then, Monday. We were at a members house at 7AM to help them do some landscaping because they had had some flooding, and they needed to get it done before it rained again. So we were there for 2 or 3 hours. that was fun. THEN... We had to go BACK to the pool ladies house because something broke. It was stupid, but we had to fix it. And then it ended up taking WAY longer than expected, so we were supposed to go climb "Mount St.-Hilaire" (it isn't really a mountain. its a bump. I'm from Edmonton. Only a Mountain can be a mountain), but we didn't go because we spent all our day fixing the pool. I didn't fall in this time though. =)
Tuesday we had a zone study where we had a competition to see who could contact the most people in the zone. It was fun! We spent the day jogging with people and running to catch up to people and it was just great.
And, biggest news! Saturday was transfer call night! I am staying here in Longueuil!! Elder Losciale is transferred out to Gatineau, in the Ottawa zone. I am getting Elder Echeverria. He is from Guatemala  But he is a Texan. So I'm excited to get some more Spanish practice. But also, I am the District leader. Of the biggest district in the mission. It's huge. I'm going to have so much fun! But it's going to be a ton of work. Oh well, why else am I here? 

Love you!

Elder Losciale and I rocking it at the service. Yeah Power Tools

Service at Gurd house. He is funny.

 Lookin Schnazzy in a green suit.

Right before I fell in the pool. Look at how gross the water is.....

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