Tuesday, June 11, 2013

May 20, 2013

Hey family!

Man, has it already been a week since we talked on Skype? Man, does time fly!! 

Things are going really well here in Longueuil, we don't have many new investigators as of late, but the ones we have are going awesome. they are all SO close to being baptised... Darn smoking... But we need to find a whole lot of new investigators! so this week we will be knocking a lot I believe. 

I guess the only other thing to tell you at this time is a story that shows that, as mature and grown up as we look on the outside, on the inside, missionaries are still as young and immature as they were before the mission started. =) The other night, Elder Botello, one of the spanish missionaries went to bed early, and his companion said "Hey, he is sleeping really soundly, lets go scream at him and wake him up" So we got the cameras out and recorded us screaming, at the top of our lungs "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!" and he freaked out. But in a funny, he was really tired so he really didn't know how to react kind of way. He though it was really funny too, don't worry, we aren't just picking on him. But then two days later, he decided to get his companion back, so while he was in the shower, we broke into the bathroom and dumped a whole bunch of flour on him. But before we did he said "Happy Birthday Elder Laguan" And Elder Laguan didn't know what was happening, but he understood that revenge was about to be exacted. And so he just shouted "NOOO!!!!" =) We have tons of fun. But we keep it all apropriate, and we stay focused. We are still missionaries, no matter how immature we are. =) 

We had zone conference last week, the last one with President Cannon... it is sad! He is gone June 29th. just over a month... no one knows whats going to happen! BUt, Elder Heder, my trainer, went AP last transfer, I don't know if I told you, and we got a "four generation" picture. Elder Heder (trained me), me (me), Elder Beaumont (I trained him), and Elder Losciale (He was trained by elder beaumont) at zone conference, because we were all there. It was tons of fun. 

Anyways, I love you all!! I hopw you have a great week!! Stay safe!

Elder Oviatt

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