Monday, April 8, 2013

April 1, 2013

So, Before I start my email, I have to show you a picture of a guy lots of you may know... (Go look at the first picture)

Do you recognize this guy? Bishop Appleton!! No way, right?!! The person at whos house we are staying right now is the mother of a member, and she has been housing the missionaries for years and years and years. "Elder" Appleton was one of  the first to stay here, and now, I'm here! How the world is small, hey?!

This week was good though. We offically moved in on THursday to the '4' man. It is so much fun! I love having 3 companions! Our apartment is a little bleak right now, we dont have a whole ton of stuff, but we have the necessities. Ping Pong table, mayan Calender, a guitar and 2 ukuleles, I mean, what else do you need, right? No, but in all seriousness, we have a ping pong table. its a little portable kit, that has an extendable net and padddles and 2 balls, so we set it up on our table and play at night sometimes to relax a bit before bed. But we have no blinds so it is really bright in our room, and I'm having troubles sleeping. So I've been a little grouchy this last week... sorry companion =P

Man, I went on splits with Elder Lopez, he is in the '4' man. And it was increadibly fun! Mostly because we had to ride our bikes home. So, before we were in the 4 man we did this split. Elder Lopez and I took our bikes to their apartment and we did some knocking, and we passed by a less actyive in thier ward. They talked in Spanish the whole time, and I spoke to her too! She had a huge bull dog, named pooka, and so I told her "tengo un amigo qui tiennes un perro qui se llamo pooka!" For those of you who actually speak Spanish, I apologize for the terrible spelling and grammar, but for those who don't know spanish, I said "I have a friend who has a dog named pooka!" thus far, that is the highest, most impressive moment of my spoken spanish. Anyways, we had to ride our bikes back to our apartment (The 4 man, we were going to go help move it in. But we were riding on the highway, and there was an overpass that didn't have a bike lane, so we took a side road to avoid dying on the highway, so anyways, the road didn;t really take us where we needed to go, and we had to take a bike path that goes over the highway, but it was closed. Till April 15th. But we had to get to our apartment, because it was starting to get late, so we tossed our bikes over the fence and rode to the other side. Then we hit a little... road block... There was a big spiral to get down to the ground, and halfway down the spiral, there was a huge gate that we couldn't get around. So we had to drop our bikes about 12 feet then climb down to the next level of the spiral. =) it was so much fun. I love elder Lopez, dang, we teach well together too! =) it's great! 

We had a dinner yesterday of Easter... Ugh... They had roast beef, but they didn't cook it long enough. So the outside inch of the meat was nice and cooked and tender. Delicious. But then, the inside inch and a half, 2 inches, were basically totally raw. it was naaaaaasty. But everyone else in the house just ate it, so... Cut it up, take a bite of Potatoes, and MMmmmmmmm... you eat that Roast Beast! 

Our commiteds are doing well. We have 3 solid commiteds. Jessica, From Haiti, Soeur Dumais, from here, and Luz, from Colombia! They are doing very well, and we can't wait to see them in their white baptismal clothes! =)

Happy Easter Everyone!!

Love, Elder Austen Oviatt

Elder Appleton! 

Nutella Batman Mask

My sweet mid air heel kick

The big gate. No way around it.

Our bikes....oops!

Our ping pong table. Best. Apartment. Ever.

My sweet bike and gear

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