Monday, April 8, 2013

April 8, 2013

Hey hey hey!!

How was conference weekend?!? I hope it was awesome!! Goodness, I love conference! So great! As a missionary, it's probably better than christmas because it happens twice a year, and you don't get all trunky from talking to you family after, and you don't get all excited because you get a present, and then all sad because your a missionary and the most exciting thing you can get in a present is a new tie or a sweater or something. =) I'm just joking. Kind of.

This week was relativly uneventful. We had lots of lessons with new investigators and old investigators, and we had fun with our new room mates from the Spanish ward. Last week I was in the shower and they snuck in and threw flour all over me. It was actually really funny though, I'll be honest. 

We did however have probably our last interviews with the mission president. He interviews us every three months, and he will be gone before the next time roles around! =( So sad. President Cannon is the bomb diggity! But we are all very excited for President Patrcik too. 

We had 3 people come to watch conference too! What a great experiance, to be able to sit and to hear the words of the prophets directly from their mouths. The spirit is always so strong, and it's impossible not to gain a testimony. I especially liked the talk by... OK, I don't remember who it was by, but where they were talking about even just having a desire to believe, is enough to gain an unshakable testimony. increadible. Also, I don't know how many people noticed how focused they were on member missionary work! Get out there and help the missionaries out! You have more friends than you would think, and we never know who will be ready! A simple invitation can never hurt!  Another thing that I liked about conference was that at least three times, they quoted Paul in First peter 3:15 when he said "be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you"  What a great scripture, and what a great oppertunity for us as members of the church to comfterbly bring up a gosple conversation and also to invite our friends, our aquaintences, and even strangers to talk with two really good looking young men (or young women! Can't forget them anymore, can we?) Who would love to explain about familys/happiness/our purpose in life/the health code called the word of wisdom/the book of mormon/Jesus Christ and about a billion and one other topics that interest anyone and everyone. Literally. This gospel is a gospel for everyone. It is perfect, and everyone, no matter who, can find true happiness, but only in and through Baptism by immersion by someone who holds THE authority and has the permission of God to act in his name.

due to new rules, I only have one hour, strict, on the computer, so I have to go now. I have to write to my mission president! I love you all!! Be happy!

Elder Austen Oviatt

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