Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April 29, 2013

Hey!! Another week down! How? I don't know... But I have kind of just stopped asking questions at this point. =)

So, we shall start with the big news! Transfer calls! I Have been called to serve in............. Monta Rey! The Spanish ward on the Island of Montreal!!! I am kind of freaking out! My Spanish is WAY not good enough for this yet! OK, no, that isn't true, I'm staying here. But Elder Garcia IS going to Monta Rey. I'm going to miss the big Lug! So I am staying here in Longueuil, and I am going to be receiving Elder Loscial! You might not be excited about this new, but I am freaking out about it!!! Elder Loscial is coming from the far away town of... ALMA!!! Elder Loscial was trained by Elder Beaumont, who I trained!!! I am getting my "Grandson"!! We are going to have so much fun together it isn't even funny. We are going to tear Longueil apart so bad that it isn't even going to know what happened to it! Elder Loscial also will be able to bring me down to Red Champagne, the pop that they make only in Alma, that I haven't had since I left... Ahh..... I want it right now! 
Other than that, our life has been really "chilax" this week! We have just been running around like chickens with our heads cut off, teaching lessons, knocking doors, giving service, and meeting with the members and the bishop to set up some super awesome church activities for the community!  We are planning to do a Cultural night in July for the community and for the three wards in our area and all their friends! Wait, have I told you about this already? I Have no idea... sorry...

We recently were taking a member out with us for a lesson and we drove past a set of duplex/strip houses. And this member used to manage apartment complexes, so he knows a little bit about apartments and jazz like that, but he pointed out that these apartments/houses were government housing and either had people on social help or immigrants living in them. So we thought to ourselves "JACKPOT!!" And we went and started knocking them. We weren't even able to finish knocking them because there were so many awesome people who wanted to talk to us in them! Our next week is full of lessons with potential investigators. We are so excited!! 

Oh, in our apartment, one of the other missionaries got transferred out, Elder Lopez, and the elder replacing him is Elder Laguan. He was my zone leader in Quebec city, and he is literally like, my favorite missionary alive at this moment. I told him that (this is his last transfer before he goes home) that he had to come and be my companion. But that didn't happen, so he came to be my roommate instead!! 8)

Anyways, my companion has to go pack... I shall talk to you in a week!

Elder Oviatt!

p.s. I will try and have a picture of Elder Oviatt, Elder Garcia Elder Lopez and Elder Botello together for next week (the missionaries in the apartment right now), and one of Elder Oviatt, Elder Loscial, Elder Laguan and Elder Botello (the new missionaries for the apartment) also!

Last week we had our zone activity. The whole zone got together and we had a scavenger hunt/orienteering/minute to win it day. This is my team (Minus me) GO JUNIOR COMPANIONS!!

 We had to pick up rotini noodles using spaghetti noodles. It was ridiculous. 

We had to use our knees to maneuver a ping pong ball to the middle square on the tennis racket. That was so ridiculously hard!!

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