Sunday, September 30, 2012

September 24, 2012

OK. I'm sick and tired of technology. No pictures this week because the computer wont let me send more than one at a time and my camera just died. I guess next week you will just get a butt load of pictures. 

OK!! Lets see!! How has my week been?
First, sorry again that the email was a little pitiful last week, there was nothing that I could do because the draft that had been saved, got erased also... 
Elder Beaumont! He is super awesome. He is crazy hard working, and had jumped right in to helping me out, which I am grateful for, because I honestly have NO idea what I'm doing! =P I have been trying to teach him how to be a good missionary, but I guess we will find out how I did when the next transfer comes along and I get switched out and he has to be a trainer. He is funny, and we enjoy telling each other crazy stories about our ridiculous adventures as delinquent teenagers. He speaks great French, and has been teaching me how to speak better every time I open my mouth. And I do that a lot. =D He loves musicals, which is great, because I sing Les Mis to myself all the time, and that is his favorite! He is taller than me ( Big surprise) and we get along great! Thus far at least. The Honey moon period should wear off here in the next few days, and we will find out how much we bother each other. If I don't email, next week, it's because he probably tied me up and left me in the closet in the apartment. I wouldn't blame him if he did. I couldn't stand living with me for more than 3 weeks either. 

We really haven't done anything super exciting this week. It seems as though in the last few weeks we have lost most of our investigators, so we are currently searching for new ones. And we are searching a lot. We have spent a lot of time just knocking on doors. It was getting a little bit discouraging the last few days, after doing 4 or 5 hours of knocking a day, but yesterday was great, we were both very happy and had an awesome time walking around, in the rain, with the wind, freezing to death, sharing the light that we have. We met this guy from Hungary last night, who came to Quebec "Because his friend was coming and didn't want to go alone". He has been here for probably 40 or 50 years since then. If that isn't the definition of Crazy, I don't know what is. 

We have a great week planned out this week though. Wednesday we are doing splits. I'm going to stay here with Elder Thia from Chicoutimi, and Elder Beaumont will stay with Elder Christensen in Chicoutimi. We will have supper at the Bouchards house on Wednesday evening because the Bouchards have a picture they want to show him. It is a picture of his Dad. His dad served a mission HERE, IN ALMA, like 25 years ago!! Now he is back and the Bouchards are so excited! Then, we are going to come back together Thursday morning, and then Sunday we are headed back down to Chicoutimi for church there. There is a stake meeting, so Alma is all headed down, and then next monday we have Zone Study, so we will stay in Chicoutimi Sunday afternoon and evening, and then carpool down on Monday to Quebec. So Actually if I don't email next week it's because we were on our way to Quebec, and didn't have time to use the computers. Not because I'm tied up in the closet. 

Ooh! This week we were joggin in the morning, and there was a police car just chilling in this dudes driveway, so we decided to run by and see what was going on, and what happened was he was watching this Poucupine! There was a huge porcupine walking around Down Town Alma, when we ran past it was climbing its way up the steps to an apartment building. It was really funny! 

Also, we recently drove out to the middle of nowhere to find an old investigator in the area book. And it was late, and it was raining, and we had to walk down this creepy dark path in the woods to get to this house, and no one was there, and it was pitch black out, and we were really scared, but we went to his neighbors house to ask if the guy we were looking for was still living there, and the neighbor said no, and kept of like, laughing a really airy laugh, and it was terrifying, and I was certain that he was going to chase us down this wooded path and chop us up into little pieces. We had fun. =) 

Anyways, I don't have much else to say this week! Other than we are working hard and are praying hard, and are playing hard. And having a great time while doing so! Keep on Trucking! You are all Geenos!


Elder Austen Oviatt

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