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August 20, 2012

Hey Family and friends! (I hope)

Today I have to keep my email shortish. We are headed down to Quebec for zone conference! It's great to get a chance to see all the other missionaries and President Cannon is coming up too! Super excited! But yeah, it's a 3 hour drive to Quebec, and we have to be there by 1:30 and we have to do our grocery shopping and clean our apartment a little too... Busy day today!

This week has been good! We did lots of great things, Elder Heder and I! We found lots of new people to teach! One couple that we found is a super awesome young couple, with a 2 year old baby, who is SO cute. Ah, that is the one thing that I miss... I mean, I was OK leaving my family and friends, because, what ever, who needs family and freidns, right? But every time I see a baby, I just want to go home and pick up my new nephews... =D I can't wait to see those guys! But this couple are Evangelical Pentacosts. And the wife is super interested (we have only met with them once, so I don't know how well we can really judge their interest levels... But we can hope, right?) And the Husband has lots and lots of Questions.

Him: Mostly being: So, your telling me that the bible isn't then end of God words?
Us: Yes Carl*, that's exactly what were trying to tell you.
Him: But, at the End of Revelations it says "whosoever adds to this book, or takes away from this book shall bring upon him the wrath of God" (rough Quotation).
Us: Well Carl, John wasn't talking about the Bible, he was talking about "The Book of John's Revelations".
Him: But, it says that you can't add or change anything!
(*Name has been changed to respect the identity of those involved in the story)

It's going to be tough to help him understand that the heavens aren't close and that God truly has more that he can and wants to say to mankind. Man has no power to put limitations on God, but if man refuses to accept an increase of God in their life, than they have basically succeded in making god a limited being.

Ahhh... what else? Oh, Blueberries! Lac-St.-Jean is known for their blueberries. Like, they are super known for them, because they are super delicious and such, but this year because of a hot spring with no rain, and a hot summer with little rain, the blueberries decided not to grow! I AM SO DEVASTATED. I wanted to eat some fresh from the plan blueberries, but alas, 'tis not so!

Oh, Campfires. Everytime I smell camp fire, I want to go camping. for ever. Like, literally, for the rest of my life. The families here in Alma in our branch are so awesome... I'm warning everyone right now, that after I'm home from my mission, I will be leaving again to visit everyone here. So don't expect to have a lot of "Me" time for a while after I'm back. =)

We do lots of service here as Missionaries, because, were here to serve the communities! But we went and helped out this investigator we have clean her kitchen and stuff, and she gave us a list of things to do, told us where everyone is, and than peaced out. We didn't see her again. We cleaned for like, 2 hours and she didn't come back! Hahaha, I love the people here in Quebec!

This week coming up should be super full, and should make up for this lacking email, I'm sorry guys! But this week we have zone conference in Quebec, and on Friday, we hope to go out and do a family night type deal with some investigators we have, who have a chalet on the Lake. And we should have marshmallows, and a fire and all that good stuff. Good stories and good pictures too!

Jacob 6:12

Oh! ayez de la sagesse! Que puis-je dire de plus?

Jacob 6:12

O be wise; what can I say more?

One of my favorite scriptures, shown to me by one of my all time favorite person in the world. Not much I can add to that, like the scripture says, what can I say more?!

Anyways, I love you all, and I always have you in my prayers! Keep truckin' along!

Fishing is kind of a big deal here. People travel from all over the world to do two things here. 1, to fish. 2, to swim across the lake.
We do district study once a week. This is how our district meets. We are a rough bunch of missionaries...

Oh how I love Quebec! It's actually rare to see people with their shirts on. We had a really hot summer.

We ate something called Tourtier. It's only found in Lac-St.-Jean. It was meat, cooked with lots of salt, in a pie crust. Really good with some ketchup.

These are two kids we are "teaching". They are super awesome!!!  Danique and Amalia. I think. I have no idea how to spell french names. I should say, I think that's how they are spelled, because I know those are their names.

 Seriously, Kids are the best!

 Beautiful sunsets. I have to take lots of these while I can. Suck it up.

 I really hope you enjoy these as much as I do...


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