Monday, September 17, 2012

Hey Guys, 

Uh, lets see... First, My new companion! He is from Abbotsford BC, and is super awesome. His name is Elder Beaumont. He took French Immersion in school, all the way from Grade 1 through high school too! So he is a little ahead of me in many aspects of speaking French, but at the same time, he is still getting used to the "Alma" accent, so I win there =P He is not afraid to speak up, which is awesome! 

 I don't know if you remember Brock and Jones Freeman? But Their family comes from Abbotsford too, and Brock actually lived with Elder Beaumont's family for a year before his mission!!! So cool! 

Elder Beaumont is bringing a new energy to the mission, alI can say he is great, but he just has a few rough spots! And so do I. He will be teaching me a ton!

Elder Austen Oviatt!!!

Epic photo time. This is Lac-Ste.-Jean. It's huge, and when it's windy, it looks like the ocean.

 This is a picture from the Other side of the lake at a place called Dolbeau-Mistassini. Crazy names, but beautiful rivers!

Weird Poutine that I ordered that had canned peas on it... it looked nasty, but it tasted pretty good!

District Car, together for one last time!!!! ='(

 Elder Heder, off to go speak some Chineese! 

 Elder Beaumont! Who actually is super good friends with Brock Freeman. And by that I mean Brock lived with his family for a year before his mission!!!

 So, I don't know if I talked about how big this area is, but it's huge! Like, the drive from Montreal to Quebec is 3 hours....

 I cant resist. Here is a beautiful sunset picture! 

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