Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2, 2013

Hey everyone! 

This week was mostly uneventful. We ate supper with a family for the first time since I've been here. That was fun! 
We have a member who moved into the branch up here who actually is opening up an A&W. it opened this week, and he is super busy! But we are excited for things to slow down a little bit and to stop by and grab a burger or two. He is super legit, has a wife and two little kids. Honestly though, that is about it for our week... We did other missionary things, and lots of boring for you to read about missionary stuff too. But this week should be good! We have splits on Wednesday and then our branch Christmas party Saturday.  Oh, wait. Snow. We got TONS of it! I love the snow so much. We have only had one day of really cold, but it started snowing Saturday night and just hasn't really stopped. So pretty. Goo thing we got our winter tires on our car on Thursday!

Elder Oviatt!!

This is some sweet ice cream that we had at our branch president's house! Go Canada, eh?

 So... somehow I split my dress shirt sleeve down the crease. Now, if you think that is impressive, you should know that that is sleeve split number 3. Yup, the third time I've done it. the shirts are dead though. So it's ok. I threw them out. And I've still got enough to get me through my mission.

3. Elder Wright and I went down to sleep at our Zone leaders Tuesday night for district meeting on Wednesday, and there was another team sleeping there too, and so we were very crowded. So crowded that Elder Wright had to sleep under the desk. Well, he didn't have to, but he chose to. Silly guy.

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