Thursday, December 26, 2013

December 22, 2013

HEY! So... I'm a terrible person. I don't have a single picture of the Christmas party. I know I said I would have some... My bad...

But, on a WAY 'cool'er note, Monday night last week Elder Wright and myself helped a member move some stuff from his U-Haul into a storage room he rented because he has to be out of his house in Oshawa soon, and he isn't into his house up here in Pembroke till January 4th. Anyways, we were out for like 2 hours loading and such, and it was like - 25 out. It was FLIPPING FREEZING. It was terrible, but we loved it. I lost one of my name tags, and I won't find it again till we move him out. In January. I'm crossing my fingers that we don't all freeze to death in the storage room and then they find us a few months later, frozen solid, then sell us to a museum. Actually, on second thought, if I had to die, that would be a cool way to do it. OK, Nevermind, I'll be OK no matter what happens during that move. 

So, Tuesday was... Eventful. But I'll save it to the end, because it was also the coolest day. Well, honestly, Tuesday has made every day this week just like, unbelievably awesome. Yeah for Tuesday!

Wednesday. Splits! We were in Fallowfield, blitzing the area because we were goin to be sticking around Thursday too, and that was lots of fun. We brought our cards with us. Munchkin. Anyone ever played Munchkin games? They are pretty awesome! But they are hard to play 2 player. Elder Wright and I do it from time to time, but it was nice to be able to play a 4 player game of it. So that was fun. 

Thursday. Christams Party! Woot! Actually, Don't want to be a party pooper or anything, but it wasn't that fun... We went out caroling. For like 30 minutes. And then we had hot chocolate and cookies and talked for a long time. Then we watched a 'Bible video' on the Birth of Christ. The End. I mean, it was OK. But... It's Christmas! Mediocrity during Christmas is lame! No, sorry, That's not very nice. It was a great party, and especially being out in Petawawa, it's nice to see other missionaries. We really enjoyed it! 

Friday.. Friday was just regular. Really not that special.

Saturday... We had a lesson in the mornign with a less active sister and it went SUPER well! =) Yeah for people wanting to come back to church! Then we had supper with a less active brother and his wife! That was delicious. She is a great cook. then we went caroling on Base with a family.

Sunday. Church was only 1 hour long due to the ridiculous amouts of snow we recieved. THere were like 30 people at church. 

But back to Tuesday!  Tuesday was terrible. I tore my pants. Bad. Goodbye Brown pants... Your sacrifice will not be forgotten. Yeah, I didn't tear it down the seam like I thought, but I tore the fabric down both sides of the seam. SO I was pretty mad, and Elder Wright and I weere on our way into a restaurant because a Member was going to feed us before eh came with us to a lesson, so I'm sitting in this chinese buffet just furious, waiting for our member to show, and Elder Wright gets the phone out, gives it a funny look and answers it. I'm not paying attention at all to what is going on with him, and he hangs up the phone and says "So... That was Bobby." I'm thinking "Who the heck is Bobby? I don't know any Bobbys!" Elder Wright then tells me that Bobby is from Nevada. Bobby Has a friend up in Pembroke who has been reading the book of mormon. Bobby's friend has prayed about the book of mormon and know's it's true. Bobbys friend wants to be baptised. I was just dumbfounded. It was a great feeling! =) We have since been in contact with Bobby's Friend. He is mega legit. We have taught him once, and basically we taught him nothing. His friends have been doing all the teaching. And it's awesome! We can't wait to see how this will all pan out!

But! This week is Christmas. In. Sane. Seriously. I can't believe it. Time is going so fast. But Wednesday we will be on Skype. I'm excited to see some of the Family! 

Merry Christmas!

Elder Oviatt

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