Friday, December 13, 2013

December 9, 2013


Wanna hear about our crazy week?

OK, so our week really wasn't that crazy, but it did start out crazy! Monday for Lunch Elder Wright and I had some leftover lasagna. Mmm... Lasagna, right? WRONG! Well, no, actually, right... It was delicious! But then, suppertime rolls around and I felt... Meh, so instead of eating a big supper I had some cream of wheat. Right before bed, I got up, brushed my teeth and then had two little throw-ups, but then I felt great, so I brushed my teeth again, obviously, and I went to bed. At 11:30, I woke up. Threw my blankets off of me, walked to my dresser (which is about 1 foot away from me, not much of a walk.) I tossed on my pajama pants, took 3 steps outside of our bedroom door (Notice I didn't put on my flip-flops. That is how you know this is serious. I don't go anywhere without my flip-flops on) and I knew I wasn't going to make it up a flight of stairs, around the kitchen in the dark, over the christmas tree chords and into the bathroom in time, so I stopped right there and about 1/8th of a second later projectile vomited in the hallway in the dark. Now, luckily (or unluckily, your choice) I had the mind to bring my shirt up and cover my mouth so that bile didn't go EVERYWHERE. But then my shirt was soaking wet, dripping with the leftovers from our leftovers. I coughed, felt terrible, then proceeded to vomit 4 or 5 more times, always into my shirt so as to minimize clean up after. Well, I ran upstairs, my shirt actually doing an amazing job at holding the liquid, none of it dripping as I walked up 13 stairs and around our kitchen, over the chirstmas tree chords and into the bathroom. Bravo little shirt, bravo. I showered, cleaned up the hallway, tossed my clothes in the laundry, and the rags I used to clean the hallway in the wash too. I then proceeded to toss and turn, attempting to "sleep". It didn't work so well. I was upstairs the rest of the night. First on the floor, then on the chair, then on the floor with my feet on the chair, then on a different chair, then to a third chair, back to the floor, the first chair, and finally the 2nd chair did it for me. I got some "sleep". I felt terrible when I woke up still though, so did Elder wright, He having woken up a few times with some mad diarrhea. it was just a rough start for the two of us. We spent most of the next day in the apartment. We had 2 lessons set up so we went to those, but other than that, we stayed in and recovered. We didn't feel better until Wednesday morning, when we drove to Ottawa for District Meeting. We did splits with the Elders in the Fallowfield ward, Elder Foster and Elder Messinger. Elder Foster and myself returned to Petawawa and taught Mark and Tara about marriage and we were planning on talking to them about how they need to either be married before they get baptised, or move out. But before we had even started to teach them the lesson, Tara looks over at me and says "See Mark, that's the kind of suit you need to get for our wedding!" Elder Foster and I kind of just looked at each other and were like... Uh... What? Cool!! So yeah, they are already talking about marriage and want to even go and get sealed!! Sounds like a good goal to me! I hope I am around when their wedding happens, but they said that they would try and make it out to Edmonton when I get married. Who knows when that is going to be though! Probably in 30 or 40 years. ;) 

Saturday was our branch Christmas party. It was awesome. We were at the church from 11AM till 9PM. Looong day. We did a white elephant gift exchange. Elder Wright and I went all out with our present. We bought clear glass ornamental balls, and we took pictures of ourselves and put them in the ornaments. Now a family has 6 Elder Wright and Elder Oviatt Christmas ornaments. I took pictures of them because they are so boss. So. Boss. =) One is missing, I'll see if I can go and grab a picture of it for next week.

Have a great week!!

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