Thursday, December 26, 2013

December 16, 2013

Hey Everyone!

This week has been a pretty good one. Cold albeit, but good. We went down to Ottawa again on Wednesday for district meeting, that was enjoyable! We did splits and I was in Ottawa with Elder Umana. We went around in the car and I was navigating because those elders don't have a GPS, so I was on Map duty. It went OK, I mean, I don't know Ottawa at all, and Elder Umana did, so he kept on saying, I don't think this is the best way to get to where we need to go. I just kept on telling him that if he knew where he was going, he could take us there and I would take a nap. =) Elder Umana is a funny guy. We went to stop by an inactive member and they live in like this weird apartment complex thing. So he pulled into a parking stall because we wern't expecting to be very long, and well, a car came up 3 seconds later and wanted to get into their stall... Bad choice Elder Umana! And then, he was like, Oh, I'll just park in this stall right here! I convinced him to just park on the road with his hazards on, which he did. And that turned out to be a good idea, because a car came like 45 seconds later and pulled into the stall that he was going to park in the second time. Good Stall picking Elder Umana! Anyways, we finished splits and went home. We have a limit as to how much driving we can do each month. And last month our limit was 2400 kilometers. This month our limit is also 2400 kilometers, but I have to be down in Ottawa almost every week. So as of right now we have used almost 1700 kilometers. We are WAY more than halfway done our kilometer limit and just passed the walkway through the month mark... uh oh! 

So this week Elder Wright and I have passed by a few less active members of the branch up here, to wish them a merry Christmas and such in case we don't see them before Christmas, and they all gave us cookies and chocolates. me and my companion have like 40 cookies and two boxes of chocolates to eat, and I'm sure we are going to get more. I don't want more! I feel like all I've eaten for the last few days has been cookies and chocolate. Haha, part of the problem too is that we try and pass by a whole bunch of people before Supper or something, and we get delayed, so it's 7:30 PM and we haven't eaten since 11 AM and in the car is a plate pilled high with cookies. 10 minutes later, there ain't no cookies left. I know, I know... We're disgusting. =) We were actually debating not buying any grocereis this week and surviving on the leftovers in the fridge and all the cookies we got. Which, Honestly, we could easily do. We have tons of food in our apartment. It's great. 

This week we are going back down to Ottawa for district meeting and we are going to be doing splits with the Elders in the Fallowfield ward, but we are going to 'Blitz' the area. Elder Wright and myself will both stay down in Fallowfield instead of one of us going back to our area with one of the other missionaries. The reason we are doing this is because our Zone is having a Christmas party Thursday evening. It should be tons of fun! We will be getting all our mail and packages then too. I'm Excited!

But, I'll talk to you all next week, and I should have some pictures of the christmas party! 

Elder Oviatt

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