Thursday, November 28, 2013

November 25

This week was good though, Not a whole tone happened, but we were able to go out to our branch presidents house for supper, the first time I have been there since I showed up! He lives an hour away in a little town called Barrie's Bay. We drove there and Back with Brther  Carlson, the guy who drove us to the temple and to stake confernce twice. =) He has a collegue up from Texas who is helping him with the job he is wrking on who actually got in town yesterday morning. So, Broher Carlson brought him along to supper too. He is 28 and pretty cool. Anyways, we were driving home from our branch presidents house after suppert, and it was -17 out. It was freezing. But I, being from Canada, and being kind of stupid, said "I'll give 5 bucks to whoever holds their hand out the window longest." And Brother Carlson and his friend were both like, OK! SO I had to stick my hand out there too, because like heck I was going to lose 5 bucks! So, long story short, I won, Yeah!! But... 14 hours later, and my hand still hurts from the cold! I obviously gave myself some nerve damage or something. it hurt so bad this morning that I almost couldnt do up my shirt buttons. And it's bright red and swollen. Haha, I'm so dumb... but it was fun. Honestly, that was about it for the week though. Oh, we went to a relief society activity to make an announcement to the sisters that we are going to do living christmas cards this year, and the relief socielty president invited us to sit down and hang out, so now everyone jokes about us being sisters. =) It's funny. I love this branch!

Have a great week! Christmas soon! Woah!

Elder Oviatt

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