Tuesday, November 5, 2013

November 4, 2013


This week was mostly uneventful. On Tuesday night we drove down to Ottawa for Zone Training meeting, then we had to stay there till Friday, because we didn't have enough Kilometers to make the trip back up to Petawawa. That was fun, but we didn't get a lot of work done in our area. That was ok though, because when we finally made it back, we worked our butts off. And our knees. We helped lay hardwood flooring for an elderly couple we met the very first day I was in Petawawa! It was lots of fun, and they really appreciated the help, and actually they gave both of us Silver coins. Some of those collector coin things! We don't have any pictures right now because we are in the library sending emails, but next week I will send you some! This family also gave us apple pie for desert, and they did something I have never seen before... They put cheddar cheese on it. and said "Apple pie without cheese is like a hug, without a squeeze" And it was flipping delicious!!! You have to try it out next time you make pie, OK? 

Sorry, this email is lame, but I really don't have anything else to say, and Elder wright is ready to go. =) Companions! What would we do without 'em?


Elder Oviatt!

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