Monday, November 18, 2013

November 18, 2013


Alright! Let me tell you about my week!!

Wednesday we had mission conference. Elder Paul B. Peiper came and spoke to us. It was basically awesome. Elder Peiper taught us new ways to try missionary work, helping people learn to answer their own questions through the index and topical guide in the back of the book of mormon, rather than answering it for them. It really was awesome. There were other things talked about too, however the most inspiring/interesting was when he talked about women and the priesthood. He spoke for a long time on it, but one thing he said that I really liked was "the world would have us believe that equality means that two things are completly alike and compete for a special position (like, 4 = 4) but what we should remember about equality is that men and women are inherently different. Like Men alone may sing a song as well as women alone sing it, but they sing it differently and there is nothing about that that we can change. But keeping that in mind, when men AND women sing together, that song becomes better than just mes singing + women singing, but becomes men AND women singing. Kind of a ' the whole is greater than the sum of the parts' idea. Again, much more was shared than that, but that is all I'm going to share with you.
Thursday we went and helped chop wood again. it was really funny, the man we were helping said something along the lines of " OK Elders, what did you do for work before your missions? No, wait, let me guess. (He points to me and says) After seeing you work for two days I'd say you were a... Bank Robber. And you (he turns and looks at my companion), you were a babysitter." =) It was realyl funny, expecially coming from a mostly bald red-neck type man with out a whole lot of teeth.
Thursday night we were eating supper with the older couple we helped iwth the hardwood floor a few weeks ago, and the wife called me Elder Olivet. Which I actually was kind of touched by, because that is my Gramma's name!
We got the flyers for the week, and I was checking to see what food was on sale and what we were going to buy for the week, and I saw that chocolate milk was on sale agin, for like the 4th week in a row! So, I had like 2 litres left Sundaymorning, so before church I made oatmeal for breakfast. With Chocolate milk instaed of water or regular milk. it was... OK... Not the greatest. I found it tasted almost exactly like those moose poop cookies! So if you like that and want to have it in a breakfast cereal form, you now know what to do!
Sunday we had a "linger Longer". basically just a pot luck after church where everyone... Lingers Longer! that was delicious. I made those muffins from that recipe you sent mom, the pumpkin chocoalte chip ones! 3 dozen-ish were brought, and only 1 was left after the shenannigan was done, so they must have been good! Then, sunday night we ate at a familys house, the Pilon's (pronouced Pee-Low) house. Wee had spaghetti for supper and we were basically done when a small friendly lovers spat ended with a piece of spaghetti noodle being tossed at sister Pilon. SHe then took a few more noodles and lovingly threw them as hard as she could in her husbands eye. Aaaaannnnddd then all heck broke loose. =) Brother and Sister Pilon just went nuts! Elder Wright and I are looking on in disbelief, but very amused all at the same time. I was debating in my mind wether to get involved because it looked like tons of fun, or just sit on and try and maintain my missionary dignity when that debate came to a "blinding" end when Sister Pilon nailed me in the eye with a handful of noodles. She had good aim! After that it was all out war. They have 6 kids, and a friend was over after church, and then two missionaries. They had made a LOT of spaghetti. And then it was all over the walls, the floor, and each other. It was great. =D
Saturday though we had the super awesome experiance of going to the temple to help out with our pbranch baptism trip. Smantha, the recent convert was there too, and she loved it. it was really a great experiance, getting to go into the Montreal temple, which was a 4 hour drive. we were up at 4:30 Am. And Wednesday we wer up at 4:30 am too. We  lost lots of sleep this week. But they were totally worth it. All around, a great week. We are teaching lots, working lots, and having fun lots, and the Lord is blessing us! Transfer calls are this Saturday. Who knows what will happen! But if Elder Wright and I stay in one area, we will be together for 6 months and both of our christmases!
I love y'all!

Remember, Rainy days make things grow.
Elder Oviatt

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