Monday, October 28, 2013

October 28, 2013

How are ya?

This week... This week made me a little bit sore. It was great!

In Petawawa, the church building is right across the street from the heritage center, and tehy needed a little bit of help, and have asked the missionaries many time to help them, so we got a call asking us to head over and help them pull plants from the giant garden they have over there! So Wednesday we tossed on our suits and drove off to district study, then we striped ourselves down and hopped into jeans and sweater (It's starting to get freeking cold over here, I don't know about you guys....) and jogged over to pull plants. It was the easiest 30 minutes of service ever. I really don't know a whole bunch about gardening and stuff, but I appreciate so much more the great dark rich black soil we have in Edmonton. Everything here is just straight up sand. EVERYTHING! Petawawa and Pembroke are going through a small boom and so there are new houses being built everywhere. And beside every new house is a huge pile of sand, because that is what they dig out to pour the foundation and basement. THere is a spot where they are building probably 20 or 25 new houses, and it looks like a giant beach/desert. Everywhere is sand, with tons of huge piles of sand scattered around. I love dirt. So, pulling these plants was mega easy because the sand in the soil kept everything from getting to packed, and allthe plants just pulled right out. We were pulling sunflowers like it was nothing. Or maybe all my morning exercises have started to pay off and I am actually just jacked now. =)

Right after that, we got in the car and drove to Pembroke and helped and "investigator" family lay some Click Flooring in their basement. That was actually tons of fun! And way easy. Then they fed us. Barbecued steak. I love steak. And after a day of service, nothing satisfies like a nice steak and a baked potato. Mmmmm.... 

Thursday we Headed down to Renfrew to visit with our friends Tara and Mark, with their friends, and members, the Donohues! It was a great lesson, and we were able to commit her for baptism, on the 22nd of February. That was one of the most spiritual lessons Elder Wright or I had ever been in. She has 2 super cute daughters who are 4 and 6. And we found out that she is pregnant! She told us that she had actually asked her Boyfriend mark if he would be OK if she got baptised, and he was like, "OF COURSE I said yes!" They are so great. We have put off seeing them every week and will be seeing them every other week so that we can see Tara and Mark Together. He works shift work, so every other week he works evenings.

We also have an investigator from Colombia who came to church yesterday with her 6 year old son and 4 year old daughter and month and a half old daughter. She loved it, her Son loved it, and her daughter loved it, and her other daughter just slept through the whole thing (Rude... =P) Her son was asking if they could go every week. She is going to Lebanon in a few weeks though to get married to her husband, well, he will be her husband, but for now, it's just her fiance, who is Lebanese. We are just waiting to meet him, but he was having Visa problems, so he had to go back to Lebanon and wait for those all to get figured out. 

Saturday we helped a new family move into the ward. Guess who long it took to unload the whole truck? 35 minutes. All of those reading this right now who aren't members of this Church/Community who have helped someone move before, it that isn't motivation enough to join the church, I don't know what is! ;) 

This week coming up we have... Halloween for one!! I love that holiday, I think this year I'm going to go dressed up as a door-to-door Carpet Cleaner salesman. Trust me, my product is so good, it's like a 100% forgiveness policy. You spill something or make a mess, and BAM, it's like it never happened, and your perfect and clean again!* no refund or return, please be sure to get all appropriate knowledge and have performed all pre-requisite readings and experiments before entering into this sale contract.  And we have a zone meeting, Wednesday and we will be headed down for exchanges with Elder Umana and Elder Wilbur after that, so that will be tons of fun! But then, that's it! I'll let you all know about how everything went next week!

Elder O 'Henry' Viatt

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