Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October 14, 2013

Hey Hey Hey!!

So, Who remembers me telling them about Samantha? The investigator who was really close to baptism up here in Petawawa?

Probably no one. Because I didn't talk about her, because she didn't really exist...

Well, ready for a curve ball? She exists now! Actually, well, not even really, because she got baptized on Saturday!! 

"Wait, What? How can this be?" You ask? Good question. Let me tell you.  Samantha has been investigating the church since 2009. She has also been regularly attending church since 2010. She has never been baptized because she was living with her boyfriend. He wouldn't propose to her, and in order to be baptized she either had to be married and living with this guy, or not married, not living with this guy. So, years passed by and she kept attending church, and not being married or baptized. Then, her Guy had to go away for trainings (military stuff) for a few months, and she told him that they were going to try moving out. So, he moved out, and has been moved out for about a month. Then, Tuesday morning, we get a call from our Branch President, President Stevenson, and he said "Elder, Samantha is being baptised on Saturday. Can you help get everything ready?".....    Let me put it this way. UM...... YES!! So we had a baptism on Saturday! Yeah Surprise! We didn't know it was coming... But, with that, Elder Wright has been my most sucessful companion to date! We have had a baptism every transfer we were together! 

Transfer calls! Elder Wright and I are staying together for another 6 weeks! We are super pumped for it! 

Thanksgiving was delicious my friends. I loved it. We went to the Lavoies and had turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, Mashed potatoes, Sweet potatoes with marshmellows, double baked potatoes (FLIPPING DELICIOUS. It's like, those mini potatoes, baked (Or boiled, I don't remmber) then, you cut them in half, and scoop out the inside, mash it up, add in bacon, cheese, refill the potatoes, then toss a layer of cheese on top, and stick it in the Oven. I'm prity sure I ate half of them.), gravy, salad (bacon brussel sprouts and broccoli. Hot. Not that good), beets, and that was Sunday night. Tonight we another Dinner. I'm excited. And a few pounds fatter than I was yesterday afternoon. 

Hey, I love you all, but I have to go today!

This week should be good, we have a trip out to Renfrew to visit some families and teach some lessons and convert some masses, the usual. Ya know?

Elder 'Oh' Viatt!

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