Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7, 2013

Hey! Happy General Conference week!  Let me tell you about my week!

Tuesday we went down to Ottawa for our Zone meeting (we never to go Montreal). We had interviews with President Patrick. that was great. It's crazy how fast you can find such a deep love and respect for someone, especially when you see them once every  2 or 3 months! That was fun though. After the Zone meeting, we sat down with Us (Petawawa) And two other teams in the zone who are in small branches, and President and us Counseled together and talked about other ways to do the work up here. We came up with knocking on doors with a clip board in hand, and asking specifically if we can come back later, in appropriate clothing, and give them service. So far we haven't gotten a chance to see if it works, but we got clip boards, and are super excited to see if we can get through to people that way!

Speaking of service though, we went and helped out a Less-Active family whos friends we are teaching, because they are having a rough time, and their landlord is getting on their back about the property looking shabby. So we went and raked leaves for them. Which would have been fine and dandy, but they live on an acerage. We raked for 6 hours. I was actually worried about my shoulders falling off. Ok, maybe not really, but I was worried about my right shoulder, that I had my surgery on. And sure enough, I was really having troubles with it. I woke up and almost couldn't move it =) But it went away in just a few minutes. ANd it felt good the next day when I woke up. Thankfully.

And Honestly, that was about it for this week. I have no idea how, but this week flew by and somehow, it feels like we did absolutely nothing. It was actually a terrible feeling! Haha, I mean, we did stuff, but... I don't know how to explain it... I'm sure everyone kind of has an idea of what I'm talking about though... 

General Conference was great though! I love conference. Which is weird, because before my mission it was... less desirable... 8] But here I am now, looking forward to it so much! And man, I can't wait to celebrate conference with a plate of ribs... Actually, this session of conference was weird. I couldn't focus, I was trying to take notes and get something out of it, but it wasn't working so well. I liked what I DID hear, but I know I missed a ton. I'm going to devour the Conference Ensign when it arrives! 

Transfer calls are this saturday. Hard to believe, hey? Time is going faster than a greased up pig going down a slip-n-slide coated in butter. Now thats fast! 

I will try and have a more eventful week this week, I'm sorry! =)

Elder Austen Oviatt

1. This is the Noah's Ark restaurant. It is for a Christian summer camp, but the restaurant is open all year round. Elder Wright and I ARE going to stop next time we pass it.

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