Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30, 2013

Hey hey!

So, I shall start this week by saying how much fun it was driving down to Montreal to pick up the new car! To montreal it is a 4 hour drive. But with all of the traffic and construction in Ottawa (and a few detours to pick up city emblem pins) it took us 6 hours! BRUTAL! We showed up 2 hours late to get the car, then took like an hour driving around MOntreal, dropping off the old car, eating lunch and things, so we got in the car at 8 AM, and if we had of driven all the way back to Petawawa that night, we would have gotten out at 9PM. 13 hours later... But, we called up our district leader while we were passing through Ottawa, and we told him we were going to sleep over there that night and go to District meeting with them. So that ended up being super fun! ANd it was only 11 hours in the car. So much for missionary work, right? It was a looooooong day though, believe you me!  ANyways, the car is a Chevy Cruise. but, more than that, it is a 2014 Chevy Cruise. IT'S STILL 2013! It's like when halloween candy comes on sale in September! So much fun! And, when I got in the car for the first time, it had 38 Km on it. Woah. I have never been in a car that new in my life. But, we put like 800 Km on it this week, so, Bye Bye newness! It;s a nice car though. Black interior, so everyone can see all the tinyest grains and particulates of dirt and dust. Very encouraging for keeping it clean. Today, we went took some turtle wax and washed it! Man, that thing sparkles more than a vampire! 

I got news in my last two Mission Newsletters that Brother Roy and Pascal both got baptised on schedual in Lemoyne! So that was awesome! Apparently there were over 120 people at Brother Roy's Baptism! 

There is a guy in our ward, his name is Romolo Simonetti. He is the executive secretary in the Branch. He found out I was from Edmonton and said, "Now, I know Edmonton is a huge place, so you probably don't know who I'm talking about, but my mission president is from Edmonton." I think "Oh, Great. I'm going to have no idea who this guy is talking about." And Then he says "actually, he is a stake patriarch now too!" And my thoughts are "HA! I only know two patriarchs, Patriarch Davies and Patriarch Henderson. That narrows down the possibilities of me knowing this guys mission president down to basically 0." And Brother Simonetti says "Yeah, do you know him? His name is President Henderson!" Needless to say, I felt kind of stupid when my jaw nearly hit the table. YEAH I KNOW PRESIDENT HENDERSON, I WAS HIS HOME TEACHER! We had tons of fun with that! So, just so you know President Henderson, Elder Simonetti is doing fine, married, has a baby boy, born 5 or 6 weeks ago, and still being a great missionary! Haha!
Other than that though, our week was... Uneventful. I have nothing else to share with you... Uh... Nope, thats it! Have a good week my friends, be safe, recycle, Smile!

Elder Oviatt

Here I am with the new car! I don't like it as much as the Malibu, but it's turning radius is much smaller, so Elder Wright likes it, because he doesn't have to back me up nearly as much now. 

I took a picture at 56 Km. Still lower than anything I have ever seen before!

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