Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September 9, 2013

OK, I'm here this week.

So, like I said, I am in Petawawa. I don't know how far north it is, probably honestly not that far north. OK, I just looked it up. It's not far north at all. Not even as far north as Quebec City, so I should be in for a mild winter (not really, apparently they are calling for a loooong, cold winter this year). There is a great little branch up here, about 60-70 members. The two main towns we cover are Pembroke and Petawawa, both with populations of about 15000-16000. Its tiny. Both towns put together is about the same size as Alma. I love it, I'm back at home! People here all hunt. It makes striking up a conversation way easy. 
Me: Oh, did you get that white tail there on the wall?
stranger: yes...
Me: I go white tail hunting almost every year, I'm from Alberta. We have also done mule deer, and moose and I put in for Antelope. My dad was a guide in the Northwest territories... 
Stranger: No way! What do you...
And off it goes. Until they realize that I'm wearing a white shirt and a tie and they have to ask why I'm here from Alberta, or why I'm dressed like that, then BAM! Hit em up with a dose of spirituality. I'm here because I'm sharing a message about the purpose of life, and how you personally can find out where we are going after this life, and why on earth we are here, on the earth, in the first place. 
Honestly, people react completely differently than they do in the Province of Quebec. Which is strange, because I can see Quebec on the other side of the Ottawa river. 

My new companion is actually my old companion. Elder Ryan Wright. We were together in Ste.-Foy! We are so pumped to be together again. He has changed so much. He was so young when we first were together, and now, he is so different! The change is actually astonishing. I hope, truly, that he has noticed in me HALF of the change that I see in him. 

It was so hard to leave Pascal and Brother Roy in Lemoyne. Brother Roy will be baptized This Saturday, the 14th, at 4:00 and Pascal Next Saturday, the 21st, probably at 12ish. But I know that Elder Echeverria and Elder Malone will continue to take care of them. I left my address for them, so we will be keeping in touch, I can't wait to get some pictures of them dressed in white. The Sunday before I left, we gave brother Roys daughter a blessing so she could stop smoking. This is now the third person in his family who is going to stop smoking. The whole family is kind of coming together thanks to the incredible change experienced by their father. it is incredible. I had many many crazy experiences with giving that family blessings. And, Pascal is living with his uncle and aunt and their family, and as we were leaving their house the last time, I asked the family if we could come back and talk to them, to share our message, and they said, well, we are busy this week, but if we coe to church, can we talk there? I have no idea if they made it to church or not, but Woah, if they did, that is so cool!!! Miracles my friends. The Lord is watching over his work.

Other than that I will just send you pictures of the corn bust we had in Lemoyne before I left. You will see that I am still having tons of fun with face paint. =)
Brother and Sister Roy. She has been a member for 36 years, he now has the faith of a member of 36 years. Incredible.

This is Pascal. What a boss! 

 This is Elder Echeverria and I at the corn bust. I need to stop letting the 7 year old girls in the ward decide what is going to get painted on my face... 

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