Monday, January 21, 2013

January 21, 2013

Ah! Mes Amis! I am so sorry that I didn't get an email to you last week! The other missionaries needed to do something important ( I have no idea what it was...) and so I let them use the computer, than I forgot that I still had an email to send!
Well, I don't know if anyone heard, but I have a new companion! Elder Wright left me on Wednesday, and I got a new missionary named Elder Oxborrow. He is not new, so I am not training anymore (thank goodness!). Elder Oxborrow is from Tremonton Utah, and is awesome. He started his mission at the same time as I did, so he actually knows what he is doing. And it is great to have a missionary with a little bit of experience. Someone who can share missionary work with me! Gah... Glorious. I mean, I love Training, and I will get to do a whole wackload (aparently that is a very Canadian thing to say. Elder Oxborrow likes to point out how many Canadian Stereotypes I fit into. It's awesome. I love being Canadian, Eh!) of it here again in the next few transfers with all the new missionaries who
will be coming in. So I'm getting my kicks in now while I can!
Elder Oxborrow has spent the last 6 months in FallowField Ontario, and this is his first French area, but he speaks very well. I am grateful for that.
This last week was great, but we had a few minor incidents that were a little bit ridiculous. We had to catch the bus to go to a Supper with a member, and then I decided that I knew a faster way to get there than we normally took. I was wrong. And yesterday it was freezing cold. Like, 60Km/h winds, gusting to 80. And -28 with wind I believe? We walked about 2 clicks. We crossed a few highways, and fell in a few snowbanks, I Almost lost my ears... Elder Oxborrow stopped me and was like, Uh... Elder Oviatt... The tops of your ears are like, white... Haha, Yeah for frostbite! I warmed em up and we were good to go again, this time I kept my hood tighter on my face. The snow at some points was hip high, and we were trudging through it like a few pioneer scouts, looking for the nearest shelter. Stopping under overpasses and exploring fenced off areas. =) And we did all this in our suits. That my friends, is classy.
Things have been going very well other than that. Elder Oxborrow has a Ukulele, and so I have started to play the Uke. I can almost play that one version of Somewhere over the rainbow by Iz what's-his-name. That huge Hawaiian guy. By the time I get home I will basically be a professional.

I love you all, and I hope that you have a fantastic week. You are all the best. Every single one of you. Shout out to Elder Bates who just turned 21. Gross.
Elder Austen Oviatt

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