Monday, July 9, 2012

What? He actually sent some of the pictures he kept promising?

There are so many washers and dryers at the MTC. This is half of them

A picture I took on our Sunday Walk at the MTC. It was one of the few times we were allowed to leave the MTC boundaries, so we took advantage of it.

So we have these ID cards that are like our debit cards too at the MTC. Our weekly allowance was put on in, and we had to swipe it to enter any building, and to eat in the cafeteria. And... I may or may not have gotten mine stuck in the roof. A few times. But to be completely honest, it was always an accident! I never did it on purpose! Also, sometimes it fell down the heater in the classroom, so I had to wait for the teacher to leave the room, then I had to take the heater apart to get it out... I hope it works again come wintertime! =P

This is a picture of my district at the MTC. I used this picture because it is such a terrible picture of all of the Elders. The Sisters are fine. From left to right we have Elder Coulombe (from Chicoutami Quebec. I have met his family a few time actually!) Sister Hunstman, Elder Oviatt, Sister Hoover, (Tall one) Elder Baker, (Short one) Sister Gallego, and then our teacher Brother Matthews (I believe...)

President and Sister Cannon! Welcome to the CMM (Canada Montreal Mission)

My first moments meeting Elder Heder!

This was my first experience with Quebec Poutine. IT WAS ENORMOUS! All the missionaries said don't get a medium, you can finish it, but you will feel gross after. No. It's impossible to finish a medium. That was insane

The hail storm we had left so much hail! That picture only shows a very small spot on the lawn.

OK, that is how big these pieces of hail were. Like, ice cube sized! It was actually kind of scary, we were worried it was going to dent our truck...

Elder Heder and I made our own Poutine to celebrate Canada Day. It was good! But without cheese curds, it just wasn't quite right...

This is the view into the Quebec bay from the bridge over the waterfall.

The steps to the bottom of the waterfall.

Two of our Elders standing at the bottom of the waterfall. It was wet down there...

Like, everyone was soaking wet

These are the ice cream cones. I have already eaten a large portion of my cone, and Elder Heder got a small.

This is a sunset here in Alma. And to be honest, this is really not that pretty of a sunset. Usually they are bright red and orange and it looks like the sky is literally on fire... Ahhhh... I'll see if I can get a good picture here in this next week!

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