Friday, June 8, 2012

Week Two: Being the District Leader for 6 is Really Hard Work

Hey Everyone!

DL is weird, I have to conduct interveiws with all the senior companions in my district (there is one companionship, and technically I'm the senior companion) But I'm just going to interview the other two elders. I also authorize temporary exchanges for like, gym class and stuff, but it has to be within the district, so I don't have anything to do there becasue again, one companionship. It is a fun calling though, I had to conduct a meeting on Tuesday after a devotional we had with Marlin K. Jensen and there were 19 people in our room that has troulbes fitting 7 of us. Well, it's not that hard for us all to fit in the class, but with 19 of us in our class, we were litterally touching sides and the front of the desks were touching the backs of desks. My district auditioned to perform a special musical number, singing/playing Nearer My God to Thee. I'm on Piano, Sis. Gallego is singing Sis Hoover is singing/violin Sis Huntsman is singing/flute Elder Coulombe is singing/chello and Elder Baker is singing/violin. It was super fun to do and we threw it all together in less than a day. Between all our classes! I need email addresses from people! I want to hear from Dallin and Deanna and Courtney and Carly and Jones/Brock! I mean, everyone else I want to hear from too, but those are just a few names that are coming to mind right now!!

I have everything in english. even church meetings, so learning the french is difficult, I have to take time out of my study time and my prep time for lessons to learn french too, but I'm memorizing scriptures in french and teaching in french, so I'm getting better everyday, thanks to some heavenly help though, thats for sure. And Elder Coulombe and Elder Baker. They're helping too. I've bumped into Sean Court (he legally has to go by Mercredi here) quite a few times, and he is doing well, and Courtney, I've been hanging out with Elder Clawson alot too. Anyways, I have 30 seconds left on the computer!

I love you all so much, and I will see you in two years!!!!!

Avec L'amour,

Elder Oviatt

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