Friday, June 1, 2012

Week One (aka Day 3!)

Hey Kaycee!

Friday is my P-Day, so I will be sending emails on Fridays while at the MTC. So far it has been a mixed experiance while being here... The days are so long, but pass by so quickly. It is a very strange feeling. I have been here for less than 3 days, but it already feels like I have been here for 3 or 4 weeks. But also, I feel like I haven't learned a whole lote yet, even though I have learned so much already. I have two awesome companions named Elder Benjamin Baker who was Born in Japan, and has lived in Japan, China, Paris and the US. He is White, not Japaneese. And he is going to the Congo speaking French. My other companion is Elder Guillaum Coulombe who is from Qu├ębec! He is off to the France Lyons mission. We share a room with two Elders who are going to missions in Germany, Elder WIlliamson and Elder Merkley. I really don't know anything about them because we are in different districts, so we don't spend any time together other than bed time and getting ready in the morning. They are both super awesome dudes though. Let's see.... When I showed up, I was placed in the 9 week program, but after talking to my teacher for about 3 minutes, he decided to talk to the french language assesor to see if they could put me in the advanced class. I was then moved into the advanced class. Which is super awesome, because like I said, time moves so... strangly here, but it is also quite difficult because of the language issue! Everything in the advanced class is in english. EVERYTHING. If I had stayed in the 9 week program then I would have had sacrament meeting in French, and my classes in French, and my meetings in french, and my interviews in French, but now I have to take time from my personal study time to learn church words in French because I don't know any French words. Although, I feel already that I know enough that I could have a conversation without too many issues about church things. My District consists of my class. That's it. Most districts are a bit larger than that, but not ours. Also, my class has 6 people in it. My companions and I, and the trio of Sister Missionaries who are all in the advanced program for their languages as well. Sister Hoover is going to France Paris, and Sister Huntsman is going to France Paris (both french speaking, actually, so far we are all speaking french) And then Sister Gallaygo who is going to the netherlands speaking Dutch. They are all cool, and I love them all so much! We had our meetings with the Branch President yesterday, and I was called as the district leader, but they haven't done any training or anything, so I really don't know what this position entails. Apparently I am in charge of collecting the mail for our district? Anyways, I don't have any more time, so I will write again next week! I would like to say thanks to everyone who sent me letters or cards on my open house, they were greatly appreciated and I treasure them all!! =]

Avec l'amour,

Elder Oviatt

Love you guys!

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