Sunday, June 17, 2012

Short but Sweet

Man, life sounds awesome out in good ol' Ca-nay-duh!
Life is good here at the MTC though, I got to host the new missionaries this week, which means, show them where their classroom is and their residence. it was fun, but I skipped a class to do it and my teacher wasn't super impressed... =) Oops! I saw Mark Hillman, and Sean Court and a few others that I know well! it's weird seeing all thses people at the MTC!! But so good to know that there are still so many good elders out therre. My companion actually had Elder Joe Kastendick as a missionary in his ward before he shipped out! I tought that was pretty cool!! Anyways, I am out of time!! I love you all, and thank you for your prayers and your letters and your thoughts!! And know that I am thinking about you all in my prayers!
Elder Austen Oviatt!

(Austen is leaving the MTC on Tuesday so if you have sent him any letters that may arrive after that date they will be forwarded to his new address. Once I get his new address Ill let everyone know)

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