Monday, January 13, 2014

Janury 13, 2014

Hello Hello!

So, it has been beautiful up here! Nice warm temperatures, rain, it's been like 2 or 3 degrees up here since we left Ottawa! Which is super nice because... I let my winter coat in Ottawa. =) It's in the apartment that we stayed in while we were down there. I've stuck to wearing a sweater and it has been great! So glad I haven't frozen to death up here. So yes, our week was really long. Not a whole lot of stuff got done, but that is OK! We had our friend at church again on Sunday, and another guy who is 19-22ish at church also. He is actually from St. Albert, but got posted here to the military base. His name is Edward. He is super cool, he told us that he has attended many different churches, and is looking for one that he feels good in. Unfortunately, we had kind of a rough day a church. The things we talked about were great things, but for someone's first time at church, It was probably a little much. Luckily for us, our friend, Not Edward, but maybe I'll call him 'He Who Shall Not Be Named'. OK. So, Voldemort asked us after church if he could have Edwards number so he could go out to lunch or something with him and talk about the church. Uh...  Sounds good to us! So we asked Edward if it was ok if we shared his cell number, and he said yes. Hopefully Voldemort is able to work some magic and help dispel any fears or doubts. If anyone could do it, it's him! 

Uh, OK, so, Elder Losee! His name is Adam Losee. he is from Las Vegas. He is the oldest, and only boy, in a family of 6 kids. He is super awesome, and teaches with a spiritual power that is awesome. But like the literal, almost archaic, meaning. He puts you in awe. It's a great asset to have as a missionary! He is 6' 3" and towers over me. It's going to be a great transfer, that's for sure! Here is a picture of the two of us!

Elder Oviatt

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