Thursday, January 9, 2014

January 6, 2014

Hey! Happy New Years!

This week was New Years Eve! It was... Well, quiet and nice! We had a little "party" thing at the church and there wer some members who had some friends there. We played Rummy-O and ate some DELICIOUS food (P.S. I've eaten way more delicious food in the last few months than normal, and as such, I weigh like, a ton. I've never been this "heavy" in my life. 8] It's redonculous) Anyways, that was Tuesday. Wednesday we went to Ottawa for District meeting. Tursday we ate supper with a member in our branch and our new friend (He asked me not to use his name, because these emails go on the blog). Friday we played cards with our old friends Ernie and Enid. Haha, I missed them! Last week, we don't know what happened, but Enid was a little off her rocker, and totally kept hitting on me. "How old are you?" "20" "Ooh! You're such a good looking Man!" Or, "OK Cutie, It's your lead" Haha, It was awesome, Elder Wright and I were laughing like the whole time. Anyways. Saturday was Transfer calls!! Elder Wright is leaving me. He is headed out to LaSalle, on the Island of Montreal. I'm receiving Elder Losee. I don't know anything about him, like, at all! So this is going to be a fun week! Saturday, we also were able to see our friend again, and talk to him about fasting. He fasted with us and some of his friends in the states on Sunday. It was really cool. He is doing so well. =) 

I'm excited to have some pictures of Myself and Elder Losee next week. 
We're down in Ottawa Tuesday afternoon, and then back Thursday night. It's going to be a long few days!

Elder Oviatt!

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