Sunday, August 12, 2012

Well Hello there everyone!

Today, I shall tell you about how my week went!

It started out very disjointed and jumbled. None of the plans we made for lessons ended up working out, we felt like our whole week was just a pile of failed plans. And on top of that, we headed down to Quebec on Wednesday for Zone Study. But that was good, not bad. Except it didn't help for our plans that didn't work. We had a great time in Quebec, learnt a TON and had some great time spent with the other missionaries. That is something I have really learnt to appreciate being up here in Alma is to take advantage of every moment you are with other missionaries, because it doens't happen very often. But I got to talk to an Elder who came out of the MTC who was actually in my class on the first day before I got transfered into the 3 week Program. Trust me, it was super weird to see and think that I could have been coming out only just right then, and I wouldn't of had this baptism! And have learnt so much about the mission and about myself either! So anyways, we had a rough week and we felt like we had tried our hardest, but nothing was working out, then yesterday at church, we had one investigator there, and the meeting was about to start, and the door opened and another one of our investigators named Helen showed up, and behind here was her Daughter Richelle and her Grandchildren Dannique and Amalia! We had 5 investigators at church! And we had children!! First time in I have no idea how long since there have been children in Alma!! Elder Heder and I were super happy! 5!! That is a miracle my friend! And then, after Sacrament, The door dinged again, and our investigator Bertrand came in!! He is 80ish years old and said he wouldn't come to chuch, but apparently changed his mind, because he showed up! He had a great time and bonded so well with the members here. We hope to see him again regularly! Ah! Ether 12:6 "...You recieve no witness until after the trial of your faith." Well, we received that witness! Thank you Lord for blessing us so much!

Lets see, on to not so miraculous stuff. I guess I had athletes foot! And not only that, I guess I had it for like 6 months... 8] I was telling Elder here about this weird thing on my foot that was making my foot feel weird, like, thick and callousy, but only in a certain spot, and how I had had it since before my mission and just never really thought anything of it, and how it's never really been itchy or anything, but I know that it was there, and he said it was probably athletes foot, and luckily he had some fungicide with him, and I put it on, and in like 3 days, it was completely gone! Haha, Maybe I should start taking better care of myself, hey?

Last night we had a Dinner Appointment at our branch presidents house, and it was raining for like 4 hours straight! And on the drive home there were frogs all over the road (he lives 40 minutes away from us out in the boonies. Well, the boonies of the boonies, because Alma itself is in the boonies) So Elder Heder stopped the car and I ran out and caught a frog and we took him home with us. We didn't keep him because we aren't allowed pets, but all I can say is Kaden, you have to catch up to me again!

Things have been hard here in Alma for the past few weeks, teaching wise because it is summer vacations and EVERYONE is out of town. Litterally, we had a period of 4 days were there was not a single one of our actual investigators who was in town. Not one. We spent alot of time hitting the roads and knocking doors those days. But things should be starting to slow down now, holiday wise, so hopefully we can get back in the swing of things, but who knows, right?

Anyways, I don't have much time left today... Oh! But all the little towns around here have festivals! Super cool! And it's great for all the people to come out and bond together and stuff, but a bunch of years back, the whole Lac-St.-Jean area got together and planned for each town to have their festival on a different week, and to have themes for each festival, so that if someone wanted, they could attend each festival! We got a few pictures of some of the signs for the festivals. My dad should like them.

Mosiah 2:17

Et voici, je vous dis ces choses afin que vous appreniez la sagesse; afin que vous appreniez que lorsque vous ĂȘtes au service de vos semblables, vous ĂȘtes simplement au service de votre Dieu.

Mosiah 2:17

And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn that when ye are in the service of your fellow beings, ye are only in the service of your God.

Have you ever wondered why it feels so good to go out and help out at a soup kitchen, or so do volunteer work at an old folks home, or even to just shovel your neighbors driveway when it snows if he doesn't ask you too? It is because when you are serving anyone around you, you are serving God, and God loves when we do good things, so he helps us to feel good be sending the Holy Ghost to testify that we are doing the right thing. As you pay attention in your life to times when you feel that same peace and joy as when you are serving others, you will live an amazing life, and will draw yourself closer to the Savior Jesus Christ and to our Heavenly Father every single day. The Lord loves us and wants us to return to live with him, and to help us do that, he sends us feelings that help us to know how we can do just that.

I love you all, and I hope you have an amazing week. Love yourselves, Love your life, and Love all those around you.

Elder Austen Ovaitt
You remember how I was talking about all the people with Trikes here? Well, these people have the most pimpin' trike. It has a roof. OK? I don't think you understand the sheer awesomeness of these people... And it was really awkward to take that picture. They kept looking at us, so we had to be really quick.

Howdy Pardner. Festival Du Cowboy. Apparently they even have a little Rodeo. I'd like to see that...

It is absolutely gorgeous out here. Just, such a completely different kind of country than out in Alberta.

Our Froggie Friend!

Drink up! It's protein ya know! HCP friends, I have no idea if you are reading this or not, but I bet that brings back good memories, hey?

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